ThingLink for Business - full comparison

  Basic Professional Premium Corporate
Account usage
Uploads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Views 10k 100k/mth 1M/mth Unlimited
Account seats 1 1 5 Unlimited
Account groups 0 0 1 Unlimited
ThingLink for Images
Basic image tagging
Basic preloaded icons
Advanced preloaded icons
Upload custom icons
Control color or pop up bubble and text
Font color, size, family customisation
Rich text options (bold, italics, header, hyperlink)
Alignment, bullets, numbering
Upload image into tag
Option to keep icons on image at all times
Option to hide tag bubble
ThingLink for Video
Ability to link to YouTube or Brightcove video
Ability to upload your own videos
Ability to upload custom icons
Tag customisation
Tag popup customisation
Thinglink for 360/Virtual Reality
Custom tag builds
Account settings
Turn off ThingLink branding
Turn off share/touch for images
Turn off Thinglink branding for entire account
Change or remove the source URL
Hide related images on scene page
Hide comments on scene page
Replace an uploaded image without losing tags
May embed channels as slideshows
Hide (et al) URLs in links
Full screen viewing
Total embeds, views, hovers, clicks
Stats at hourly accuracy
Stats at unique views
Stats on hover time (scene & tags)
Stats on Dwell rate
Tag-level statististics (clicks, hovers, time spent)
Statistics on embed sites (clicks, hovers, views)
Embed site URLs
Export stats
Filter stats by time range
Maximum response time 4 days 2 days 1 day Dedicated rep
Account set up
Onboard training