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If you are searching for the ultimate Learning Management System (LMS), or if you are frustrated with your current LMS solution, Torch LMS is the perfect solution to manage the training & development functions of your organisation.


Focus On Learning, Not Learning Your LMS

Finally, a learning management system designed by workplace learning professionals. When we say it is "easy to use" it is not just a marketing slogan.



Torch Learning Management System is a hosted, web-based application that allows organisations to easily manage and track employee training. Learners can access eLearning from a computer browser or mobile device anytime.



Focus On A Return, Not Returning Your LMS

A 2012 Brandon-Hall report said 47% of LMS customers surveyed were considering switching their LMS. Torch LMS has responded to the demand for an intuitive, practical alternative.



Training administrators will save up to 70% of their time with streamlined processes and automated features. Designed by workplace training professionals, Torch LMS makes managing corporate learning easy.

Save Time


Focus On Business, Not The Business of Managing An LMS

Torch LMS is a hosted web application, so there is no extra burden on your IT team. Now you can stay focused on what your business does best while you take your emplyee training to the next level.



Torch LMS is focused on managing workplace learning and development. Assigning and tracking compliance training has never been easier. The system has extensive dashboards and powerful reporting tools that make it easy for learners, managers, and training administrators to take action.



Focus On Improving Your Workplace, Not Making Your LMS Work

Torch LMS is designed around the needs of workplace training and development. We're focused on what you need, so you can deliver a world-class training program.



Torch LMS is incredibly intuitive for learners and administrators, requiring little or no training to use it effectively. The system is easy to navigate, with common sense terminology that won't confuse learners. We are obsessed with improving the user experience.

Save Time


Focused On Amazing You, Not A Maze Of Useless Features

Torch LMS is Focused on the essentials of workplace learning and development, and we have found the ideal balance of power and simplicity.



Torch LMS makes use of cutting-edge technology and functionality, including the Tin Can/Experience API, social learning tools, mobile learning, powerful evaluation and assessment tools, and many other unique features. We also have a world-class support team based in the U.S. to assist in your success.




Torch LMS is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), hosted solution, running on secure servers in a datacentre located in AUSTRALIA. Many customers have a legal requirement or preference for all data to be keep within Australian borders. All Torch LMS instances (application and data) ordered via MicroWay are hosted in a secure, high performance datacentre within AUSTRALIA.



Want to see Torch LMS in action?

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MicroWay can arrange for a personalised, live demonstration and a access to a trial of the Torch LMS system so you can try it for yourself.

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