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Isolator for .NET

Isolator is a complete unit testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) solution, which helps you work smarter and prevent costly bugs in your code.

With Isolator, unit testing really is easy. With dead-simple API, automatic test code generation and really great support, you'll be running unit tests in no time. Using Isolator saves developer's precious time - and dramatically improves the quality of the code. It is the only tool that allows total automated unit testing for SharePoint. Isolator can easily unit test Silverlight, WCF, and all other .NET technologies. When using Isolator, there you can start any time and you don't need to change existing code for the test.


Autorunner: After each build, the autorunner runs in the background, only unit tests affected by recent code changes, giving immediate feedback of newly introduced bugs. You no longer need to figure out which unit tests to run!

Failed-Test Analyzer: When bugs are introduced and unit tests fail, the failed test analyzer guides you to the most appropriate changed code, pinpointing the bug’s location.

Visual Coverage: With our visual coverage, immediately know which parts of your code are covered by unit tests and which are not. No longer test only the "if" statement and forget the "else" statement.

Test Autocompletion: Test suggestion and statement creation cuts dramatically the time and effort of writing tests.

Mocking on steroids: The powerful mocking framework guarantees you can write unit tests for any code, including legacy code, new code and even unwritten code.

High Quality Test Assurance: As you write unit tests, they are automatically reviewed, identifying poorly written unit tests, guiding and educating you how to write tests correctly.

Low Maintenance Test Assurance: Changing code no longer requires change to your unit tests. Isolator robust tests are change-resistant and refactoring your code will no longer breaks tests.

Leading industry tool integration: Isolator integrates and complements with all major development tools, and fits in your environment. Including Visual Studio, JetBrain dotTrace and many others


Isolator Essential Isolator Complete
  For teams who are commited for unit testing When quality is mission critical
Smart Runner and Coverage
Mock Interfaces
Mock Everything
Test Legacy Code
Test Code Autocompletion  
Testing Productivity Metrics  


Unit Testing with Typemock Isolator

Typemock Isolator gives a new perspective on unit testing. Using the Unit Testing Dashboard and windows, you can easily analyse and fix bugs, and get the immediate feedback to know your code works correctly.


Once you start editing your code, Typemock isolator will give you feedback on the state of your code.
Edited methods' shields turn to orange   - they remain so until the next build, when the relevant tests will run.
They will then turn to either green (test passes), red (test failed, but potential bug is not here) or bug red (test failed, and method is suspect for introducing the bug).

Analysing and Fixing Bugs

Once a unit test fails, Isolator V7 shows you the right information in order to help resolve the situation quickly.
The Unit Testing Dashboard shows a list of methods with bugs, sorted by the most suspect methods, based on an usage and coverage analytics algorithm.

Clicking on the method in the Unit Testing Dashboard or clicking directly on the Method Shield opens the Method Analysis window. You will see the list of relevant unit tests that have failed, and those that have passed. This will give you a 360° view of the problem. You can see what scenarios behave incorrectly and in most cases this is enough to solve the problem.



 Easy C/C++ Unit Testing with Powerful Mocking

With Isolator++ you don’t have to change even a single character in your C/C++ code in order to unit test it

Unit testing in C/C++ has proven value in finding as much as 90% of defects. But it is very hard. We know that. We've been there. Using a test runner is just not enough. With Isolator++ it can be easy.

The problem with unit testing C/C++
In unit testing C/C++ code we want to test a single feature, but then we hit a major problem: our code calls other classes, databases, services and 3rd party libraries. To solve this, we'll need to change our code. But changing it is risky. We are likely to introduce new bugs and then find ourselves rewriting our unit tests instead of writing new code.

Typemock Isolator++'s solution

With Isolator++ technology, all these C/C++ unit testing issues go away. Isolator++ can simulate any dependency, by observing the running code, and diverting function calls to automatically generated mocks.

  • Afraid of changing your code just in order to test it? Isolator++ can unit test any C/C++ code without modification.
  • Changing other developer's code freaks you out? Isolator++ unit tests protect you as you change your C/C++ code.
  • Wasting time rewriting C/C++ unit tests? Isolator++ tests are made to be shorter, clearer and resistant to production code changes.

Isolator++ works on both Windows and Linux and with any test runner, including CppUnit, GoogleTest Boost and UnitTest++.
Download a free trial of Typemock's C/C++ Unit Testing tool for Windows or Linux



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