UltraEdit: remastered v24 for Windows now available

Upgrade to state-of-the-art standards

View, modify, and save files of any encoding type – without tweaking font or display settings.

The Unicode refactoring of UltraEdit is a big deal. But we didn't stop there. As previously announced, UltraEdit v24 not only changes the game for Unicode / UTF-8, but also all things encoding. By tapping into OS font substitution calls, you can open a file encoded as UTF-8, or Japanese ANSI, or OEM, or virtually any other encoding – and it will look exactly the way you expect.

With UltraEdit v24, you can:

  • Freely use Unicode in macros and scripts
  • Open, edit, and save files with Unicode paths or names without issue
  • Enjoy full Unicode support in the function list, tag list, output window, and more
  • Enjoy greatly improved and automatic encoding detection – no more manually setting a file's code page!
  • Open and view files of any character set / encoding without having to futz with font or display settings
  • Convert your file to UTF-8 when pasting Unicode data into a non-Unicode file
  • Easily configure UltraEdit for handling Unicode and other code pages with the new encoding settings

Compact Ribbon Mode
Expand UltraEdit's coding support and syntax highlighting with the "Add and remove languages" feature.
Add a new coding language or highlighting for an esoteric config file with ease. Click "Add another language..." in the Coding tab, search for the language you want to add, and check mark it. It's that easy. Use the "Defaults" button to clear everything out and reset your syntax highlighting back to factory defaults.

Menu/Toolbard Mode
Add images to your HTML with simple drag-and-drop.
HTML editing is fun again! Click and drag images directly into your web-based files: in HTML files, the images will go in as <img> links, while in CSS, the image URL will be inserted as a background property. Customize the format to your liking under Settings » Editor » Image drag-and-drop, or hold Ctrl while dragging and dropping to modify the format on the fly.

UE v23 preview

Supercharge your search / replace with countless improvements and speed upgrades.

You're going to love the changes to find and replace in v24. Create a new file from the find string list. Set find/replace in files to target the active directory on the fly. See your find in files results in a fraction of the time it took in previous versions. Enjoy faster and more accurate Perl regexp, line filtering, and more...find and replace is next level in v24. Check out more below.

  • Better in find / replace:
    • Leave replace dialog open when doing step-by-step replace
    • Scroll find / replace histories with mouse wheel
    • Find / replace "In" setting now defaults to selected text only if 2 or more lines selected
    • Added support for Perl regexp buffer boundaries (\A, \z, etc.)
    • Added unobtrusive notification when search wraps to other end of file
    • Search in column now supports column number up to 20,000
    • Improved performance with many filtered lines (show / hide lines)
  • Better in find string list:
    • Find string list scrolls to track active line in edit window
    • Ability to create new file from find string list contents (context menu)
    • Highlighting of matches in find string list (toggle in context menu)
  • Better in find / replace in files:
    • Set find / replace in files directory to active file's directory on the fly
    • See in status bar how many matches / files searched as search progresses
    • Added notification to status bar when find / replace in files completes
    • Vastly improved performance and speed when writing results to output window
    • Find in files now checks each file for BOM and uses BOM-specified encoding for search
    • Added "Active file" option to encoding drop down (uses active file's encoding for search)
    • Added "Auto-detect" option to encoding drop down (will auto-detect each file's encoding during search)
    • Better results and display when searching across multiple encodings

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