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AdminStudio Suite 2018

Powering the Application Readiness Process for Planning, Packaging and Delivery of Physical, Virtual, and Mobile Applications

Migrating to Windows 10?
Resolve 95% of all compatibility issues with AdminStudio Application Compatibilty testing!


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AdminStudio Suite powers an enterprise's daily Application Readiness process for inventory, rationalisation, packaging, planning, and compatibility testing of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and predictable deployment.

Trusted by more than 10,000 organisations, AdminStudio Suite eliminates the need for multiple standalone tools and provides an integrated solution for teams ranging from a single software application packager to large distributed teams, reducing helpdesk calls and increasing user productivity by ensuring consistent and reliable deployments of physical, virtual, and mobile applications. Automation, integration with leading software distribution tools, and workflow capabilities help companies streamline day-to-day application packaging operations and reduce the time and cost of application virtualisation, mobile application management, and Windows migrations.

  • One Solution, One Process - Ensure the quality and reliability of all the applications in your portfolio by following a standard process for preparing physical, virtual, and mobile apps.
  • Windows 10 Application Compatibility Testing - Automatically test compatibility with Windows 10, quickly know which applications will require fixing before deployment to your enterprise environment.
  • Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility - Test web applications for compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
  • Streamline Delivery of Mobile Apps - Import mobile apps and public links from the Windows Store, Apple App Store and Google Play, to automate compatibility testing for error free deployment.
  • Assess Mobile Apps for Risky Behaviour and Compliance with Enterprise Policies - Quickly identify mobile apps that display behaviours, which may introduce risk to corporate security and data privacy.
  • Configure and Test Mac Applications for Deployment - Customise Mac .PKG installers to easily configure, test for OS X compatibility, and prepare Mac applications for silent installation.


AdminStudio Suite of tools - Contents

Important Note: "Bundles" including various combinations of these tools are available and represent the most cost effective way to order them. To ensure you are aware of the best option and any alternative licensing models – please contact MicroWay (tel: 1300 553 313) for an explanation of the options.

AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams with the most advanced application packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for software deployment with a complete set of automated MSI packaging, customisation, testing and reporting capabilities. Proven in benchmark tests to decrease application preparation time by up to 70%, AdminStudio hands off packages to leading software deployment tools.

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AdminStudio Application Compatibility

AdminStudio Application Compatibility significantly reduces the time and effort involved in ongoing Windows, and Windows Server migrations by automatically assessing and fixing application compatibility issues. Auto-resolution of 95% of installation-related issues helps simplify scoping and delivery of day-to-day applications requests, ongoing Windows migrations and desktop transformation projects.

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AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization

AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization identifies, assesses, and consolidates an enterprise desktop application portfolio to improve agility of day-to-day application service delivery and streamline platform migrations.

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AdminStudio Mac and Mobile

AdminStudio Mac and Mobile application management software enables centralised preparation and management of Mac OS X and mobile apps with the same tools and processes used for Windows and virtual applications. Test mobile app software for device and OS compatibility and report on the behaviour, configuration and property settings of mobile applications to identify which apps require additional security assessment.

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AdminStudio Virtualization
AdminStudio Virtualization prepares software for reliable application virtualisation deployment with a complete set of virtualisation compatibility testing, automated conversion, validation, editing and management reporting capabilities. With support for all leading virtual application formats in a single tool, AdminStudio Virtualization fast tracks application virtualisation and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects.

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Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager, Flexera's workflow management software, helps enterprises efficiently manage the Application Readiness and Software License Optimisation processes to streamline the procurement, preparation, deployment, and ongoing management of applications. Workflow Manager maximises productivity of the IT team by automating change management, asset management, and other ITIL processes as part of the enterprise application lifecycle.
(Workflow Manager is sold separately – please contact MicroWay for licensing and pricing options)

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