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App Portal

Ensure Governance Is In Place to Check License Availability, Obtain Proper Approvals, and Reclaim Unused Licenses

App Portal enforces continual software license compliance and controls software deployment, while increasing customer satisfaction and the efficiency of application service delivery. The enterprise app store ensures that governance is in place to check license availability, obtain proper approvals, and reclaim unused licenses.


Migrating to Windows 8/10?
You also need the AdminStudio Application Compatibilty Pack!

App Portal Enterprise App StoreNot just another software portal, Flexera Software App Portal is a universal enterprise app store for desktop and mobile apps that enables IT to maintain the control necessary to ensure compliance with licensing agreements and corporate policy while reducing enterprise software costs and maximising software usage. App Portal provides seamless integration with Software License Optimisation processes that enable continual compliance and the automated reclamation of unused software to avoid overspending on expensive enterprise licenses.

Enforce Software License Compliance and Governance

App Portal in conjunction with Flexera Software’s advanced software license optimisation and application packaging solutions deliver additional value to the enterprise app store.

  • Automatically check availability and reserve software licenses at the time of employee request to eliminate deploying unlicensed software
  • Enforce accurate license positions at a global level for compliance and at the group level to support cost assignment to lines of business
  • Report on software requests, approvals, installations and purchases to measure success and make sound decisions regarding software licensing and usage across the enterprise

Eliminate Software Waste and Drive Continual Software License Recycling

  • Leverage FlexNet Manager Platform usage data to avoid overbuying of costly enterprise licenses by reclaiming software that is installed, but not used
  • Enlist the help of employees with the Software Policy ScoreTM informing them of the cost of applications installed on their devices, how often those applications are used, and encouraging them to remove and return the licenses of unneeded applications
  • Utilise application downloads and user feedback and ratings to increase efficiency of the enterprise procurement process, optimise vendor contracts, and maintain control of budgets

In addition, App Portal addresses the business need to control the distribution of approved and authorised software applications and the user's expectations of a consumer-driven experience for accessing IT services in the workplace. Automating one-time software requests and enabling self-service operating system deployments saves hundreds of hours of IT staff time.

Streamline Application Service Delivery and Increase Business User Satisfaction

  • Automatically populate the store with IT approved and packaged applications and operating systems directly from Flexera Software AdminStudio
  • Enable users to spend their budget on the apps they deem most beneficial to their productivity
  • Reduce time spent manually responding to one-off software requests and cut delivery time to users from weeks to hours or even minutes

Integrate the App Store with Related IT Processes

  • Simplify employee access and improve adoption by adding the app store to your existing ITSM system
  • Enable proactive support with automatic incident creation whenever an application installation fails
  • Leverage established approval workflows in existing ServiceNow or BMC Remedy ITSM implementations

Flexera Software products uniquely manage software usage strategically across the entire enterprise software lifecycle and can help you achieve rapid application availability, continuous license compliance and put an end to the overbuying of software licenses.

App Portal is a key component of Flexera Software's Software License Optimisation solutions.


App Portal Features

Universal App Store for Desktop and Mobile Apps

Ensure control and efficient self-service delivery of approved applications by enabling employees to request desktop and mobile application from a single enterprise store.

Automates Software Approvals and Governance

Automated approvals are flexible and can use the turnkey App Portal approval process or be delegated to utilise established approval workflows in an existing ITSM implementation.

Reclaims Unused Software Licenses

Eliminate software waste by recycling unused licenses and returning them to the available license pool.

Keeps Employees Informed of Costs and Usage

Provide employees one place to view license cost and usage information for apps installed on their devices.

Involves Employees in Software License Optimisation

The Software Policy Score informs employees how well apps installed on their device comply with corporate policies.

Automatically Checks for License Availability

Effectively maintains continual software license compliance each time an employee requests an application.

Enables Self-service OS Deployment and Migrations

Employees can initiate Self-Service OS and application migrations when the time is right for them.

Works Seamlessly with Deployment Systems

Present a single App store even when multiple software deployment systems are managing devices across the enterprise. App Portal supports Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite, and AirWatch® by VMware Enterprise Mobility Management.

Enhances Software Asset Management

App Portal integrates with FlexNet Manager Platform (the foundation of FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises) to obtain asset data from FlexNet Manager Platform, to check for license availability and reservation and to reclaim unused software.

Works with Leading IT Service Management Systems

App Portal integrates with BMC Remedy ITSM, ServiceNow, Microsoft Service Manager, and other popular ITSM tools to improve IT service quality, application delivery, and end user satisfaction with IT.



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