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Visual Studio 2013 Upgrade Paths

Visual Studio 2013

Explore your Visual Studio 2013 Upgrade paths with MicroWay

The following tables provide guidance on the paths available to move from your existing version of Visual Studio to Visual Studio 2013.

You Currently Have...

Ways to upgrade / move to VS2013

You don't own any previous version of Visual Studio

Buy a new license of the Visual Studio 2013 Edition that meets your needs.

Licenses with 2 Years MSDN offer the best
features and value.

Any previous version of Visual Studio Standard, Professional or Team System older than 2012 (i.e. 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010)

Option 1: Buy a Visual Studio 2013 Professional.
(Note: Microsoft reduced the price of the Visual Studio Professional from over $1,200 down to $765 inc GST to create a single item to fill the role of both new license or effectively an upgrade form older versions – but it’s not called an "upgrade" as such.)

Option 2: Buy a new VS2013 license with MSDN at the Edition that meets your needs.

Visual Studio 2012 Professional

Option 1: Buy an Upgrade to Visual Studio 2013 Professional.
(Note: there is a specific, low-cost "Upgrade" available for those who have 2012 Professional.)

Option 2: Buy a new VS2013 license with MSDN at the Edition that meets your needs.

Visual Studio 2012 with active/current MSDN subscription

Your current MSDN subscription should have already provided you with access to Visual Studio 2013 as a download from within your account on the MSDN portal.

If you want to move to a higher Edition of Visual Studio 2013 (ie: Premium or Ultimate Ed) you will need to either purchase a new license of the Edition you want OR Renew your MSDN at the higher level and licensing program. (You can renew early, but you will lose any remaining months of MSDN at the old level). Please contact MicroWay to discuss options.

If your MSDN subscription is current – but will soon expire, see panel below for those with MSDN subs about to expire

Visual Studio 2012 with an expired MSDN subscription

There may be a "grace period" for the renewal, so please contact MicroWay on Ph 1300 553 313 as we may still be able to have the renewal processed.

Because there are no "upgrade" provisions under Microsoft licensing, if your MSDN subscription is allowed to expire, you will need to order new licenses of the VS2013 Edition which meets your needs.

Visual Studio 2012 with an MSDN subscription which is about to expire

MSDN subscription renewals should be ordered in the month it is due to expire. MicroWay can process your renewal order on any date in that month and the renewal will be issued as if you had renewed on the last day of that month. (i.e., if you renew on 1 June, the renewal date will be based on 30 June, not 1 June). So there is no need to wait until the last minute to be close to the exact expiry date – just renew with MicroWay anytime in the month it's due to expire.

If don't renew the MSDN subscription and you later decide you want to continue to have an MSDN subscription, you will need to buy a new license with MSDN.

When you renew you can choose to renew at a higher* or lower** Edition of VS2013.

* If you want to "renew UP" to a higher level, the renewal will also require a move to a different licensing program, as this is Microsoft's requirement and the only way to move up to a higher edition.

** If you "renew down" to a lower level you will no longer be licensed to use any of the products which were in the higher Edition you owned.

If you would like any further clarification of assistance with Visual Studio 2013 licensing or options, please contact MicroWay on Ph 1300 553 313 or email: sales@microway.com.au

What is MSDN?

A Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Subscription is a 1 or 2 year service which covers you for all upgrades and new versions of the products you are entitled to use based on the Edition of Visual Studio 2013 you order.

There are also many other "benefits" in the form of Technical Support, eLearning content, access to developer forums, one-to-one web-based chat service to address non-technical questions regarding navigation of the MSDN site, special offers and more.

The 2 Year subscription is the best value as it costs little more than the 1 year subscription and you get the extra 12 months.

For full details of what's included in an MSDN subscription, please open this link, Compare Visual Studio 2013 Editions.

Version Control / Team Development – Team Foundation Server & CAL

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are considering Visual Studio 2013 PROFESSIONAL Edition AND you DO plan to use Team Foundation Server (TFS) you either need a full MSDN Subscription or you need to purchase a TFS Client Access License (CAL) separately (and the TFS Server license if you don’t have one) – the cost of which brings the total to a similar or higher price as "Visual Studio 2013 Professional Edition with 2 Years MSDN subscription" (which includes both the TFS Server license and the TFS CAL, and so is the most cost effective option and provides extra benefits).


For further information on Visual Studio 2013 & MSDN please call MicroWay on 1300 553 313 or email.

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