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Communicate better with videos created in Vyond.

With Vyond, your organization can easily create professional-grade animated videos that engage and educate your employees and customers—and drive incredible business results.

Powerful. Captivating. Simple.
Create dynamic media with Vyond.

Automatic character lip sync

Add audio and watch your characters come to life. With other video platforms, characters are mute cardboard cutouts, but with Vyond, your characters move their mouths like real human beings.

Customize your creation

With Vyond, you can create completely unique videos to match any theme or style. Create completely customized characters from a library of thousands of clothing options, hairstyles, and facial features, or change the colors of contemporary props to match your video.

Character and object animation

People walk with one leg in front of the other, but you wouldn’t know that with other platforms. With Vyond, your characters move, act, and behave just like real people, whether they’re walking and talking, drawing on a whiteboard, putting out a fire, or working in a factory.

Why our customers love us

Vyond’s customer satisfaction scores are double the industry average for a reason. Not only does our animation software help solve crucial communication challenges, it’s also fun and easy to use.

Industry awards and recognition

Because of our commitment to quality, innovation, and great customer support, we get a lot of love on review sites like G2 and Capterra—and from our industry peers.

Check out what’s possible

Our customers use Vyond (and their impressive imaginations) to create all kinds of business-critical animated video content, including L&D training courses, explainer videos, sales pitch videos, eye-catching marketing assets—and more.

Vyond’s animation software helps thousands of companies educate, engage, and sell better.

Learning & Development

83% of learners prefer watching videos to learning via text. Hold the attention of today’s overloaded and distracted learners with relevant, engaging animated business videos

Vyond offers business animation solutions for all types of roles and needs

Human Resources

Dramatically increase workforce engagement and productivity, onboard colleagues faster, and transform your communication using memorable HR videos and GIFs.


Boost engagement, ROI, brand awareness, and conversions with animated marketing videos created by the most versatile and user-friendly video creation tool on the market.


Bring your value props to life, quickly create personalized pitches, and send follow-ups that your prospects will actually watch and appreciate with animated sales video

Create Dynamic Videos for Any Audience

Videos engage and motivate like no other media. Vyond makes it easy to create them.

Why Vyond?

Distributed workers and diversity challenge the enterprise.

Vyond lets you create characters to fit any context. From specific jobs and workplaces to casual environments, Vyond gives you modern casual settings and whiteboard animations for hundreds of combinations to address your employees around the world.

Create videos two ways, use them in infinite ways.

Instantly create videos or animated GIFs with Vyond Go in a click, then further edit in Vyond Studio. Host them on any LMS or video hosting service, or import them into courseware authoring tools to add interactions.

Your ROI from media and communications has to be clear.

Vyond’s flexible pricing and plans give you full control and transparency over your costs. Vyond improves business productivity and outcomes while saving time and money, compared to traditional video production.

Pro Media Without the Pro Budget

Don’t let tight timelines and small budgets stop you from making something moving. Vyond is easy to use and less expensive than traditional video production. We also provide a bevy of resources, training options, and an active customer community to help you along the way.

AI-Powered FeaturesPremiumProfessionalEnterprise
AI Prompts Per User Per Day – Instantly create a script and video from a prompt with this “Get Up To Speed” special for a limited time.102050
AI Prompts Per User Per Day – (Beginning September 6, 2023)3515
Speech Enhancer – Optimize recorded speech with the touch of a button yesyes
Instant Video Translation – Quickly translate all text in your video – onscreen text, text to speech, and dialog scripts into 70+ languages yesyes
Photo to Character – Create your Vyond character by taking a photo from your webcam or uploading a photo which can then be edited or combined withyesyesyes
Automatic Background Removal – Remove backgrounds from uploaded imagesyesyesyes
Team CollaborationPremiumProfessionalEnterprise
Shared Spaces – Easily create and share folders administered from the account level for specific purposes, projects and groups.  yes
Shared Libraries – Share audio, video, and image assets with your team yesyes
User Management Panel – Administer the accounts on your team yesyes
Video Collaboration – Collaborate with others who purchase seats on your subscription yesyes
Video Sharing Features – Share videos securely with individuals or your entire team yesyes
Video OptionsPremiumProfessionalEnterprise
720p – Export MP4 videos in 720p resolutionyesyesyes
1080p – Export MP4 videos in 1080p resolution.yesyesyes
Animated GIF Export – Export animated GIFs in an 8-second loopyesyesyes
SVG Import – Upload an SVG file and enjoy all of the features of a native prop such as changing colorsyesyesyes
Aspect Ratios – Customize the aspect ratio of your videosyesyesyes
Speech Enhancer – Optimize recorded speech with the touch of a button yesyes
Global Edit – Change assets and attributes throughout your video with the click of a button ? yesyes
Export & Import Text – Easily review and make quick changes by exporting the text in your video, making edits, and importing the new text yesyes
Instant Video Translation – Quickly translate all text in your video – onscreen text, text to speech, and dialog scripts into 70+ languages yesyes
Vyond Logo – A Vyond logo applied to the lower-left corner of your video ?   
Color Changeable Props – Adjust the color on props within the Contemporary and Whiteboard themes to match your company’s brand guidelinesyesyesyes
Font Import – Import your organization’s standard fonts for brand consistency yesyes
Brand Guidelines – Easily communicate brand guidelines throughout the enterprise & create branded templates complete with fonts, colors, logos, character styles, and more  yesyes
Character CreatorsPremiumProfessionalEnterprise
Whiteboard – Classic whiteboard characters ?yesyesyes
Contemporary – 2D characters designed for a more modern look ?yesyesyes
Business Friendly – 2D characters with a more TV look ?yesyesyes
Photo to Character – Create your Vyond character by taking a photo from your webcam or uploading a photo which can then be edited or combined with different outfitsyesyesyes
Vyond Community Access – Explore, learn, and create with members of the Vyond communityyesyesyes
Live Chat – Instant access to our in-house support teamyesyesyes
Priority Phone Support – Jump to the front of the line and get your questions answered more quickly. yesyes
ISO27001 Compliance – Compliant with legal, physical, and technical information security standardsyesyesyes
GDPR/CCPA Compliance – Compliant with EU and California data privacy regulationsyesyesyes
Privacy Shield Compliance – Verified by TrustArcyesyesyes
Vyond Secure Suite – Locally administered SSO, inactivity timeout, IP whitelisting, brute force prevention, and custom video cache expiration  yes
Event Logging – Track activity across the enterprise by requesting logs from your team’s account  yes
Vyond Accel – Customized training with a member of the Vyond customer success team (for accounts with 10 seats or more)  yes