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DomainTools Products

Know in minutes. Act before threats hit.

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Enterprise Security Products

Know in minutes. Act before threats hit.

By bringing together the most established, comprehensive, and authoritative Internet infrastructure data for domains, DNS, IPs, scoring and risk analysis into a single source of truth, DomainTools is able to see everything that happens on the Internet — and see it the moment it happens.

DomainTools data and products work in harmony to enable security teams to start getting ahead of attacks, gain context and visibility into potential threats, and lower the skills barrier.

Iris Investigation Platform

Detect. Investigate. Prevent.

DomainTools Iris is a proprietary threat intelligence and investigation platform that combines enterprise-grade domain and DNS-based intelligence with an intuitive web interface.

Who uses Iris:

  • Security analysts and Incident Response teams
  • Corporate security teams needing domain-based risk assessment
  • Hunt Teams and Cyber Forensic Investigators
  • Online Fraud and Brand Fraud Investigators

Domain Risk Score

Predictive security against new threats

DomainTools’ scoring provides a Risk Score to over 300 million domains as soon as we know about them—usually as soon as they are registered. Unlike traditional, reactive reputation feeds, ours assigns Risk Scores to domains before they’ve had a chance to host malware or do damage.

Who uses Domain Risk Score:

  • Security Technology vendors wanting to add domain scoring to Host or Network Firewalls, Secure Web Gateways, Messaging Gateways, DNS-filters or other related technologies
  • Corporate security teams needing domain-based risk assessment


Discover phishing domains before they strike

DomainTools discovers more newly-registered domain names every day than any other organisation in the world. Leveraging this capability, PhishEye shows you existing and new domains that spoof legitimate brand, product, organisation, or other names, so that you can carry out defensive or investigative actions against them.

Who uses it:

  • Organisations whose brands or domains are likely abuse targets
  • Organisations of high profile on the Internet
  • Security teams tasked with protecting employees against phishing attacks