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erwin Data Modeler NoSQL

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As the data modeling industry leader, we've developed erwin DM NoSQL to help you model and manage your unstructured cloud data as effectively as traditional data sources. It's the only native, enterprise-class data modeling solution that supports MongoDB, the world's fastest-growing NoSQL database platform. With the SaaS-based erwin DM NoSQL, you can deploy new MongoDB applications and migrate MongoDB infrastructure to the cloud quickly, while maintaining the integrity, quality and governance of the underlying data. As an extension of erwin Data Modeler, erwin DM NoSQL reinforces our "any-squared" (Any2) approach to data management, enabling "any data" from "anywhere" to be visualised for greater understanding and better decision-making.

Work Effectively
with MongoDB

Let traditional DBMS teams and developers design and deploy MongoDB data sources with guided editors and task automation.

Easily Discover and
Understand NoSQL Data

Break down and manage the complexities of NoSQL through modeling and visualisation.

Ease Migration from Traditional
Databases to the Cloud

Accelerate the move to MongoDB Atlas with design transformation and code generation capabilities.


erwin Video Overview


Native Design & Deployment for NoSQL Data Structures

erwin DM NoSQL takes the pain out of migrating traditional database models to MongoDB by creating a traditional relational schema and automatically converting it to a cloud-based collection structure, using our patent-pending Query-Optmised Modeling. Premise-to-cloud migration speeds are dramatically increased while providing standard and required enterprise data documentation.

Discovery & Visualisation of NoSQL Databases

With erwin DM NoSQL, existing MongoDB databases can be reverse-engineered into graphical models, giving business and technical stakeholders a complete and contextual view of their MongoDB assets. This enables better collaboration across the enterprise and ensures that new cloud-based applications and data are documented for re-use and governance.

On-Demand Modeling for MongoDB Environments

As a SaaS-based solution, erwin DM NoSQL provides modelers and reviewers with access anywhere, anytime and from any device. With no software to implement, users are up and running with NoSQL data modeling right away, ensuring fast time to productivity and value.



  • Enable traditional DBMS teams and developers to work effectively with MongoDB
  • Break down the complexities of NoSQL through modeling and visualisation
  • Document NoSQL data sources for easier discovery and understanding
  • Expose NoSQL data sources to the enterprise in a standardised and governed way


  • Import and visualise erwin DM models
  • Transform entity relation diagrams to a visual MongoDB representation using our patent - pending Query - Optimized Modeling
  • Forward-engineer MongoDB schema generation scripts
  • Reverse-engineer hosted MongoDB databases
  • Define and visualise MongoDB relationships for documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is erwin DM NoSQL a SaaS application?
Yes, erwin DM NoSQL is a SaaS-based solution, providing modelers and reviewers anywhere-, anytime- and any-device access for a monthly subscription. With no software to implement, users are up and running right away, ensuring fast time to productivity and value. Support is included, and product updates are automatic.

If I already use a version of erwin Data Modeler, is it easy to add this NoSQL version? Do they work in tandem?
You can take advantage of erwin DM's industry-leading design and analysis capabilities by importing erwin DM models for discovery, visualisation and analysis to drive your MongoDB data source definitions and designs. However, erwin DM NoSQL is a new and separate solution deployed as SaaS-based software that requires separate licensing.

Does your tool assist in transforming traditional designs to a design optimised for MongoDB?
Yes, erwin DM NoSQL delivers our patent-pending Query-Optimised Modeling to guide users through the de-normalisation required for an efficient NoSQL design. Organisations can move from a traditional storage optimised design to one optimised from the queries we anticipate running against this modern NoSQL structure.

Does your tool generate the code required to create a MongoDB collection from the model? Once your physical design is created, erwin DM NoSQL automates the creation of JSON-like document definition scripts that can be used to instantiate your MongoDB database, allowing for the efficient, accurate deployment of NoSQL designs into your hosted environment.

Will you expand this solution to support data modeling for other NoSQL database platforms?
MongoDB is the world's fastest-growing NoSQL database platform, simplifying application development and enabling enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively achieve digital transformation. Our partnership with them in releasing this solution demonstrates our commitment to meeting customer needs, which means we'll look at other expansions as market needs dictate.



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