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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017

Deliver Top C++, Fortran*, and Python* Application Performance with Less Effort
  • Faster code: Boost application performance that scales on today's and next-gen processors.
  • Create code faster: Use a toolset that simplifies creating fast, reliable parallel code.

Intel Parallel Studio XE is a comprehensive suite of software development tools that simplifies the design, development, debugging, and tuning of parallel code while boosting application performance. It enables software developers of high-performance compute to productively improve performance for today's and tomorrow's hardware. The tools integrate into leading development environments.

Three editions based on your development needs:

  • Composer Edition for building fast parallel code with industry-leading compilers, performance libraries, parallel models, and high-performance Python* packages powered by native Intel Performance Libraries.
    • Includes: C++ and/or Fortran* compilers, performance libraries, parallel models, and high-performance Python* packages powered by native Intel Performance Libraries.
  • Professional Edition has everything in the Composer Edition plus performance profiler, vectorization and thread advisor, and memory and thread debugger.
    • Includes: Composer Edition plus performance profiler, vectorization and threading advisor, and memory and thread debugger
  • Cluster Edition has everything in the Professional Edition plus an optimised MPI library and MPI error checker profiler, and a cluster diagnostic expert system.
    • Includes: Professional Edition plus a standards-based MPI Library, MPI communications profiling and analysis tool, MPI error checking and tuning tools, and a cluster diagnostic expert system.

What's Included in Each Edition

Intel C++ Compiler      
Intel Fortran Compiler      
Intel Distribution for Python*      
Intel Math Kernel library
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library
(C++, Java)
Intel Integrated Performance Primitives
(C, C++)
Intel Threading Building Blocks
Intel Advisor
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel Inspector
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel VTune Amplifier XE3
(C, C++, Fortran, C#, Java*, Python*, Go*)
MPI library
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel Cluster Checker      
Rogue Wave* IMSL* Fortran Numerical Library

Performance awaits you

Boost your applications' performance with Intel C++ Compiler and Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows*, Linux*, and OS X*. Built-in vectorization and OpenMP* support combined, with performance libraries, simplify the implementation of fast, parallel code.

Intel Parallel Studio XE C++ Performance

Intel Parallel Studio XE Fortran Performance


Faster Python* application performance

Accelerate your Python* application's performance with the Intel Distribution for Python. It integrates multiple techniques to power high-performance Python such as linking widely used Python packages (e.g., NumPy*, SciPy*, scikit-learn*) with Intel Performance Libraries including Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL), enhanced threading with Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel TBB), and easy access to the conda* environment, numba*, Cython* and advanced data analytics with pyDAAL*.


Library & parallel model details

  • Math processing library: Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL)
  • Machine learning and data analytics library: Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel DAAL)
  • Threading library for heterogeneous computing: Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel TBB)
  • Image, signal, and data (compression plus cryptography) processing library: Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP)
  • Numerical analysis functions for Fortran* applications: IMSL* Numeric Library

Eliminate bottlenecks in code

Tune application performance, scalability, and memory access with an advanced performance profiler (Intel VTune Amplifier XE). Accurately profile C, C++, Fortran, Python*, Go*, assembly and Java* or a mix of languages.

Intel Parallel Studio XE Optimise

Deliver More Reliable Applications

Efficiently find memory errors and intermittent threading errors before they happen with Intel Inspector, an easy-to-use memory and thread debugger for C, C++, and Fortran applications.

Assistant to Add Threading and Vectorization

Optimise vectorization and quickly prototype threading designs with Intel Advisor, a vectorization optimisation and threading advisor tool for C, C++, C#, and Fortran applications.

High Performance, Low Latency MPI Communications

Achieve high performance, low latency MPI communications using the latest MPI 3.1 standard with Intel MPI Library.

Speed MPI Communications with Profiling and Analysis

Improve the performance and reliability of MPI communications with Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector, a scalable MPI performance profiler to understand MPI application correctness and behaviour by visualising applications' behaviour. New scalable and lightweight profiling enables 100K+ rank profiling.


Licensing Models

Named User

• Common licensing model
• Products priced per named user
• Find out the number of individual licenses needed


• Several users share licenses at the same time on several
• Managed from a licensing server
• When a license is released from one user, another can request it
• Two-seat or five-seat licenses



Intel Product Suites

  • Intel Parallel Studio XE for Windows and Linux

    Deliver top application performance while minimising development, tuning and testing time. Includes C/C++ and Fortran compilers, powerful programming models & libraries, error analysis and performance tuning. Intel Parallel Studio XE is a software development suite that helps boost application performance by taking advantage of the ever-increasing processor core count and vector register width available in Intel Xeon processors, Intel Xeon Phi processors and coprocessors, and other compatible processors.

  • Intel VTune Amplifier XE

    The premier performance profiler for C, C++, C#, Fortran, Assembly and Java*. Easy to use, versatile performance profiles and the ability to sort, filter and visualise data in a productive manner. High-performing code must be: Threaded and scalable to utilise multiple CPUs; vectorised for efficient use of multiple FPUs; tuned to take advantage of non-uniform memory architectures and caches. With Intel VTune Amplifier, you get all these advanced profiling capabilities with a single, friendly analysis interface. And for media applications, you also get powerful tools to tune OpenCL* and the GPU.

  • Intel System Studio

    The smart way to create smart code with advanced tools and technologies for speeding delivery of energy-efficient, high-performance, smart, connected devices across wide-ranging system and embedded platforms. Intel System Studio is available in the following options: Composer Edition, Professional Edition, Ultimate Edition, and Intel System Studio for FreeBSD*

  • Intel Video Pro Analyzer

    Improve video quality. This toolsuite allows you to inspect the entire decoding process, get statistics extraction, test and debug media encoders, analyse bitstreams for HEVC, VP9, AVC and MPEG-2, and more. A comprehensive tool suite for advanced video quality analysis and to ensure encoder compliance. Supports Microsoft Windows*, Linux*, and OS X*.

  • Intel Media Server Studio

    Get fast media performance through a Media SDK, runtimes, and analytical tools needed for media, broadcast and infrastructure developers to develop, and deploy enterprise grade media solutions on Intel Xeon processor and Intel Core processor–based platforms. Innovate and optimise enterprise-grade media applications and solutions for data center, cloud, and network usages. Deliver fast, high density and quality video transcoding, streaming and conferencing. Access hardware accelerated codecs and programmable graphics on the latest Intel processors. Speed transition to 4K and HEVC. Reduce infrastructure and development costs. Optimise solutions with advanced performance and quality analysers. (Datasheet )

  • Intel C++ Compiler

    Boost performance by augmenting your development process with the Intel C++ Compiler. The Intel C++ Compiler plugs right into popular development environments like Visual Studio*, Eclipse*, XCode*, and Android Studio*; The Intel C++ Compiler is compatible with popular compilers including Visual C++* (Windows*) and GCC (Linux*, OS X* and Android*). The Intel C++ Compiler is available in two products based on your application development needs:

  • Intel Fortran Compiler

    The Intel Fortran Compiler is the industry leader for building high performance applications. Here are some reasons you should consider the Intel Fortran compiler:

    • Your code can run significantly faster by taking advantage of the ever increasing core count and vector register width available in Intel Xeon processors, Intel Xeon Phi processors and coprocessors
    • Implement portable code based on standards instead of proprietary.
    • Work with a familiar toolset on your favourite platform. It is source compatible across Windows*, Linux* and OS X*.
    • Outstanding support included with purchase gives you access to all product updates and new versions plus access to Intel Premier Support.

Additional Tools




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