What's New in LEADTOOLS v22

LEAD Technologies is very pleased to introduce LEADTOOLS Version 22. LEADTOOLS has continued to raise the standard of innovative technologies for 31+ years and there is no end in sight. This release is highlighted by new libraries and features that are found within LEAD's Document, Recognition, Medical, Imaging, and Multimedia technologies.

What's new in the LEADTOOLS Document Engine

Document Editor

LEAD is proud to introduce the new LEADTOOLS Document Editor control for HTML/JavaScript development. The LEADTOOLS Document Editor control provides a word-processor like experience that can load, edit, and save PDF, DOC/DOCX, and RTF formats.

The LEADTOOLS Document Editor is included in the new LEADTOOLS Edit SDK product and up. See the Document family of products for additional options.

Office and Text Formats Enhancements


What's new in the LEADTOOLS Recognition Engine

New ID Reader SDK

The ID Reader SDK intelligently and automatically extracts data from live streams and scanned photos of id cards without requiring a structured layout.

OCR and ICR Enhancements


What's new in the LEADTOOLS Medical Engine

DICOM Storage Server

Medical Web Viewer Updates

The LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer has received several updates, including:

DICOM Updates

Updated LEADTOOLS to the latest DICOM Tags, DICOM UIDs, DICOM IODs, DICOM Modules, and DICOM Context Groups to those in the 2021 DICOM Specification.


What's new in the LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine

Updates to Formats


What's new in the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Engine

Multimedia SDK Updates


Changes to the LEADTOOLS Product Line

In Version 22, the following products have been added.


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