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SQL Monitor

Clear insights into SQL Server performance, right out of the box

  • Web-based monitoring, available from any device
  • Real-time performance data and alerts
  • Built with advice from SQL Server experts and MVPs
  • NEW! Understand bottlenecks with wait stats

Professional, web-based monitoring

SQL Monitor offers performance monitoring and alerting through a web-based UI, so you can keep track of SQL Server wherever you are.

It is built to show you server performance in real time, bringing problems to your attention before anyone else notices, and giving you the data you need to fix the problem.

SQL Monitor Tour  

Take a quick video tour of SQL Monitor's key features


Part of the SQL DBA Bundle

SQL Monitor is great for performance monitoring and alerting, but with our full set of SQL Server database administration tools you can take care of backups and recovery, change management, and more.


  • Web-based user interface screenshot

    Web-based UI for remote access

    SQL Monitor has a fully web-based UI. You can access it from mobile devices or desktop machines to investigate SQL Server performance problems wherever you are.

  • Performance data screenshot

    Real-time performance data

    SQL Monitor's performance statistics are updated every 15 seconds, so you're always up-to-date on SQL Server activity.

  • Alert inbox screenshot

    Instant alerts on performance issues

    SQL Monitor raises alerts within seconds of a problem occurring. They arrive in a shared Alert Inbox, and you can pick them up by email or use PagerDuty for SMS.

  • Wait stats

    Understand bottlenecks with wait stats

    Identify performance bottlenecks using wait stats, and get expert advice on how to diagnose and fix any problems. You can also check which queries are most affected by these waits.

  • Back in time

    Review past performance data

    Rewind time to see performance data from the precise moment a problem occurred. While viewing past data, step forwards and backwards in time to see how performance changes.

  • Custom metric screenshot

    Custom metrics by SQL Server MVPs

    SQL Monitor has a library of custom metrics written by SQL Server experts. You can import them with one click to extend what you monitor, or write your own custom metrics in SQL.

  • Top 10 expensive queries screenshot

    Top 10 expensive queries list

    For each database and server, SQL Monitor highlights the queries that use the most resources. You can use the execution plan and waits of each query to understand its performance.

  • Analysis tab screenshot

    Built-in performance analysis

    Spot unusual performance, automatically plot baselines, and review trends over time, for a better understanding of typical server performance and the causes of any recurring issues.

  • Embedded expertise screenshot

    Embedded expertise

    SQL Monitor's alerts and metrics were selected on the advice of SQL Server experts and MVPs. You see only the information that matters, alongside expert advice on how to make use of it.

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