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UI for Windows Universal

Native UI controls for building Universal Windows 8.1 apps

Native UI controls for building Universal Windows apps. Build apps once, deploy on all Windows devices.

Key Features

  • Build Apps Running on Windows 8.1 Faster
    Save time when building Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps with UI for Windows Universal.
  • Matches the Xamarin, iOS and Android UI
    Common feature set among UI for Xamarin, UI for iOS and UI for Android.
  • Can I Build Windows 10 Apps with This Product?
    A Windows 8.1 app can run on Windows 10, but can't take full advantage of the platform's capabilities.
  • Designed for Touch
    Specifically designed for the Window 8.1 and Windows Phone touch environment.
  • Rich Functionality and Delightful UI
    The controls are designed to deliver delightful experience across different devices.
  • Unmatched Performance
    Advanced UI virtualization guarantees your app's exceptional performance.
  • AutoCompleteBox
  • BusyIndicator
  • Calendar
  • Chart
  • Data Storage
  • DataBoundListBox
  • DataForm
  • DatePicker
  • HubTile
  • ListView
  • NumericBox
  • Rating
  • TimePicker
  • BulletGraph
  • Gauge
  • Grid
  • Map
  • Pagination
  • RadialMenu
  • Slider


Available separately or as part Telerik DevCraft Collection.


Powering most of the best apps on the Store

Telerik UI for Windows Phone is built from the ground up for the Windows Phone Operating System to deliver new user experience based on content and motion. The suite offers controls and capabilities that are currently not available in the UI Toolbox for Windows Phone and not even in the OS. Combining Telerik's expertise in Silverlight development and the capabilities of the Windows Phone platform, Telerik UI for Windows Phone contains super light and blazing-fast controls for building mobile applications.

Key Features

  • Image Editing Tools
    A full set of image manipulating components.
  • 50+ Design Templates
    Your personal modern UI designer.
  • Application Building Blocks
    Helping you drive engagement and revenue.
  • 10 Cloud-Powered Controls
    The first ever cloud-powered UI components for Windows Phone.
  • Cloud Data Sync Mechanism
    Fully functional apps in both online and offline mode.


UI for JSP

Build modern HTML5 and JavaScript sites with JSP wrappers powered by Kendo UI for jQuery

40+ jQuery-based JSP widgets for building modern HTML5 applications.

Key Features

  • Rich Views and Models With MVVM
    Telerik UI for JSP includes a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) framework. It lets you write JSP code to generate widgets that seamlessly integrate with your server-side backend.
  • Client and Server Pieces: Alone or Together
    Telerik UI for JSP gives you complete control over the Web and DataViz widgets with complete server-side APIs.
  • Seamless UX: Any Browser or Device
    Telerik UI for JSP uses a variety of tactics to enable some HTML5 features in older browsers, and fine-tuned graceful degradation for others.
  • Complete Framework for Enterprise Apps
    Telerik UI for JSP is a complete web development framework for building modern HTML5 applications.
  • Responsive Design for Enterprise Apps
    Telerik UI for JSP delivers a complete, responsive experience, bringing you the features you need to create responsive UI for your modern enterprise Java applications.
  • Ready for Touch - and Enterprise
    The 40+ UI widgets provide full support for touchscreen devices so your Java application will function on a wide array of devices with varying input options.
  • Pixel-Perfect Themes for Enterprise Apps
    Telerik UI for JSP widgets support themes and styling via CSS. The framework includes 11 enterprise-ready out-of-the-box themes: Black, Blue Opal, Default, Metro, Metro Black, Silver, Bootsrap, Uniform, High Contrast, Moonlight, and Flat UI.
  • UI Widgets With JSP Server Wrappers
    Telerik UI for JSP contains 70+ jQuery-based UI widgets for building sites and mobile apps with JavaScript and HTML5 and 40+ JSP server wrappers
  • High-Performance JSP Enterprise Applications
    Every aspect of Telerik UI for JSP has been built from the ground-up to deliver maximum performance in your enterprise application.

Available separately or as part Telerik DevCraft Collection.


Telerik JustCode

The Visual Studio extension for faster, smarter coding
Telerik JustCode is agile development add-in for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 that boosts .NET development productivity by providing blazing fast solution wide on-the-fly code analysis and error checking, smart code navigation and refactoring features. With a cross-language engine, JustCode provides features for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XAML, Razor, CSS, JavaScript and HTML and supports multi-language solutions.

Key features include:

  • Solution Wide On-the-fly Code Analysis and Error Checking
  • Code Navigation and Search
  • Code Generation
  • Code Cleaning
  • Refactoring
  • Quick Fixes
  • Code Templates
  • Decompile for Debugging

Available separately or as part Telerik DevCraft Collection.


Telerik JustMock

Fast, flexible, fully featured mocking framework
Telerik JustMock is an easy to use mocking tool from Telerik designed to help you create better unit tests, faster than ever. Telerik JustMock makes it easier for you to create mock objects and set expectations independently of external dependencies like databases, web service calls, or proprietary code.

The Telerik JustMock API is completely AAA (Arrange/Act/Assert) oriented thus helping you keep your unit tests well structured, clean and readable. No matter whether you try to mock an interface, a sealed class or a static class, the pattern you use is the same.
Available separately or as part Telerik DevCraft Collection.


Telerik JustTrace

2-in-1 memory and performance profiler for .NET and native apps
Telerik JustTrace is a tool for .NET developers that gathers and analyses performance and memory usage data of various types of applications, thus helping developers optimise performance, reduce memory usage, fix memory leaks and generally understand the performance and memory profile of their applications.

JustTrace also offers seamless integration with Visual Studio. Simply modify the code, then run it through the Visual Studio UI and get JustTrace's core capabilities in a single tool window.
Available separately or as part Telerik DevCraft Collection.


UI for NativeScript

Native and customisable UI for building cross-platform mobile apps

Telerik UI for NativeScript is a set of components that enable implementing rich-ui applications for iOS and Android by using NativeScript. Telerik UI for NativeScript is built on top of natively implemented components targeting iOS and Android, which are part of the already familiar Telerik UI for Android and Telerik UI for iOS suites.

  • Robust and Professional Charts, Calendars and More
    Fully featured charts, graphs, calendars and everything else you need to make great applications for business users.
  • iOS and Android from the Same Code Base
    Our components handle the cross-platform differences keeping you focused on building your app.
  • Fully documented, maintained and supported
    We have a long pedigree in building great components for applications. Our documentation and support are legendary!
  • Choose Your Own Architecture
    You get a truly native application with native performance whether you prefer JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular-based application development.


Test Studio

Automated Testing Made Easy
The complete test automation solution for GUI, Performance, Load, and API testing.
Test desktop, web and mobile applications.

Seamless Collaboration Between QAs & Developers
Testers can design and maintain tests and pass them to developers through source control to assist with more complex, edge-case scenarios.

Point-and-Click Test Recorder

Add conditional logic, invoke JavaScript and desktop commands, handle dialogs, perform image verifications and more, WITHOUT a single line of code.

Central Object Repository via Elements Explorer

Test elements used across multiple tests can be stored, shared and referenced from a central location called the Element Explorer.

Use Programming Language You Like

Telerik UI for PHP uses a mix of techniques to enable some HTML5 features in older browsers, and fine-tuned graceful degradation for others.

Continuous Integration with Source Control

Integration with Source Control systems and build servers allows QAs and developers to check-in at the same time and independently.

Available as a Perpetual license – so you can avoid monthly credit card charges.


For further information please call MicroWay on 1300 553 313 or email


For further information please call MicroWay on 1300 553 313 or email



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