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erwin Data Connectors

An expansive library of proven, erwin-built data connectors backed by deep metadata activation experience ensures erwin customers have the tools to quickly use the erwin Data Intelligence Suite by Quest, and at the same time automate the development lifecycle. Included with erwin Data Catalog by Quest, erwin Standard Data Connectors automate metadata harvesting and ingestion from common industry data-at-rest sources. Optional erwin Smart Data Connectors take metadata harvesting and activation to the next level, enabling you to collect metadata from data in motion, as well as leverage automation to reverse-engineer and forward-engineer data pipeline development, documentation and operations. erwin data connectors provide more than you have come to expect. It’s the erwin advantage.

The Added Benefits of erwin Smart Data Connectors

Out-of-the-box erwin Standard Data Connectors are included with an initial license of erwin Data Catalog to automate metadata collection from common industry data-at-rest sources, including relational, NOSQL and Big Data database management systems (DBMS), as well as XML, JSON and CVS flat file metadata. But many organizations elect to take active metadata use further with the addition of erwin Smart Data Connectors. Providing metadata-driven automation for even the most complex systems and environments, erwin Smart Data Connectors extend data architecture visibility and create engineering efficiencies that shorten project delivery times and reduce risks. The advantages of our erwin Smart Data Connectors include:

Complex metadata harvesting

Automate metadata harvesting and ingestion of data in motion and complex data-at-rest sources through an extensive library of data connectors to industry-standard DBMS, ETL/ELT platforms and BI/reporting applications.

Detailed and thorough data mapping

Better guide decisions, impact analysis and data governance by providing the most complete, current and unified view of your data architecture – inclusive of data sources, flows, transformations and targets.

Universal code generation

Automatically generate SQL, ETL and 4GL procedural code by forward-engineering mapping documents to eliminate time-consuming hand-coding, speed project delivery, and ensure code quality.

Faster data migration & ETL modernization projects

Increase the speed of data migration and ETL modernization projects by forward- and reverse-engineering the associated re-platforming processes.

Data Vault automation

Cut project timelines and efficiently deliver, document and operate data vaults or other traditionally complex data architectures and data warehouse methodologies.

Automation potential on overdrive

Backed by the robust parsing, code generation and metadata activation capabilities of erwin’s proprietary automation framework, erwin Smart Data Connectors can be developed for even the most challenging environment.

Efficient business intelligence

Make data analysts more productive in analyzing BI reports, document dashboards and mappings by linking reporting fields to the underlying data sources.

Harmonized data management & governance

Synchronize and harmonize data management and governance processes with third-party tools at the API level, reducing ongoing maintenance and ensuring sustainability.

The erwin automation difference

Here’s the reality: there’s not enough time, people and money for true metadata management or sustainable data governance using manual processes. Without automation, business and digital transformation will be stymied, but having to outsource these efforts to professional services firms will only delay schedules and increase costs.

With erwin Smart Data Connectors, your organization can reduce errors and accelerate data preparation, deployment, literacy and governance. Only erwin unifies every piece of the data management and governance lifecycle so enterprises can understand and trust their data for faster speed to insights.

What’s really different about erwin’s metadata-driven automation approach ?

Software, not services

Automate data operations with software suited to your needs. Forget expensive, outsourced professional services.

Productivity gains & cost reductions

Achieve productivity gains of 85%+ for coding, 70%+ for metadata discovery, up to 50% for data design, up to 70% for data conversion, and up to 80% for data mapping.

erwin-built & maintained

erwin data connectors are 100% developed and maintained by erwin, backed by deep metadata activation expertise that has guided hundreds of customers to success.

Maps your entire data landscape

Rely on the broadest range of metadata connectors available to fully capture your “as-is” data architecture inclusive of data sources, dataflows, transformations and data targets.

Schedulable & configurable

Keep data lineage and mind map documentation current with advanced scheduling of automated metadata harvesting, with granular version control and full traceability.

Eliminates manual, repetitive coding

Automate and activate metadata-driven processes to develop, document and operate data pipelines more efficiently for faster time to value.

Governs your development lifecycle

Standardize approach, code, documentation and delivery to assure quality and leverage and retain tribal knowledge despite staffing changes.

Overcomes technical complexity

Leverage erwin automation and expertise to successfully tackle sophisticated development projects, such as delivery and operation of a Data Vault.

List of erwin Standard Data Connectors

Included with erwin Data Catalog, reverse-engineering capabilities to harvest data-at-rest metadata for use within erwin Data Intelligence.

Data Modeling Connectors

  • erwin Data Modeler
  • Idera Embarcadero ER/Studio
  • SAP/Sybase Power Designer

Relational Database/Big Data Connectors

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Cloudera
  • Google Big Query
  • Greenplum
  • HortonWorks
  • HP Vertica
  • IBM DB2 and DB2 on mainframe
  • IBM Neteeza
  • JDBC (any software using a JDBC driver)
  • Kafka Topics
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle and Oracle Exadata
  • Pervasive
  • Rocket UniVerse DB
  • SAP Sybase
  • Service Now CMDB
  • Snowflake
  • Teradata

File Format Connectors

  • Amazon S3
  • AVRO
  • Cobol Copybooks
  • CSV
  • Gzip
  • JSON Schema
  • Microsoft Azure Data Lake (Gen 1/Gen 2)
  • ORC
  • Parquet
  • Snappy Parquet

ERP System Connectors (may require erwin Safyr for ERP)

  • JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Oracle EBS
  • PeopleSoft
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • SAP BW

List of erwin Smart Data Connectors

Reverse-engineering capabilities to harvest data-at-rest and data-in-motion metadata for use within erwin Data Intelligence. Forward-engineering capabilities to automate coding, lineage, documentation and other processes throughout your data architecture.

Data Integration Connectors

Amazon Aurora SQLyes
Amazon Kenesisyes
Amazon Redshift SQLyes
Databricks [Spark SQL]yes
Google Big Query SQLyes
IBM Data Stageyesyes
Informatica ICSyes
Informatica PowerCenteryesyes
Microsoft Azure Data Factoryyesyes
Microsoft Azure SQL Databaseyes
Microsoft Azure Synapse SQLyes
Microsoft SQL Analytics Patform Systemyes
Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)yesyes
Microsoft SQL Server TSQLyesyes
Oracle Data Integratoryesyes
Oracle PL/SQLyesyes
Oracle Warehouse Builderyes
Pentaho Data Integratoryes
Qlik Replicateyes
SAS Data Integratoryes
SAP Data Servicesyes
Snowflake SQLyesyes
Teradata SQLyes

Information Delivery Connectors

Information Builders Web Focusyes
Microsoft Power BIyes
Microsoft SQL Server Analytics Services(SSAS)yes
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)yes
Oracle OBIEEyes
Pyramid Analyticsyes
SAP Business Objectsyes

Information Delivery Connectors

AWS Glueyes
Databricks [PySpark]yes
R Markdownyes

Ecosystem Connectors

Apache Atlasyes
AWS Glue Catalogyes
Databricks Unity Catalogyes
Elastic Searchyes
GIT Hubyesyes
Google Big Query Catalogyes
IBM Information Governance Catalogyesyes
Microsoft Azure Data Catalogyes


Data Vault 2.0yes

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