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erwin Data Intelligence

Maximize the business impact of your data. erwin Data Intelligence by Quest combines data catalog, data quality, data literacy and data marketplace capabilities to help you discover, understand, govern and share high-value, trusted data across your organization. erwin delivers enterprise-wide visibility of available data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure data policies and best data practices are followed. Automatically harvest metadata from a wide array of data sources, operational processes, business applications and data models into one central data catalog. Add business and governance context, assess data quality, auto-generate data lineage and leverage other data intelligence capabilities to make assets accessible and understandable for all data users. Make the most of your data with erwin Data Intelligence.

Deliver data intelligence with erwin

In one integrated suite, erwin Data Intelligence combines data cataloging, data literacy, data quality, data marketplace and automation capabilities to help organizations maximize the value of their organization’s data. Take a look:

erwin Data Catalog

Automate metadata management and data mapping, and leverage data lineage, impact analysis, dashboards and more to gain a comprehensive view and the knowledge to better manage your data landscape.

erwin Data Quality

Build data trust and raise data quality with visibility and the automation of data profiling, data quality scoring, ongoing data monitoring and data remediation.

erwin Data Literacy

Business glossary management, data stewardship, automated workflows and business-friendly data discovery and collaboration fuels data literacy, ensures data governance and helps to build a data-first culture.

erwin Data Marketplace

Give all in your organization one central location to shop, share and compare enterprise data. Make it simple for data users to discover high-value, trusted data that best fits their needs.

erwin Data Connectors

Gain a complete view of your data landscape and activate metadata to forward-engineer development using industry-proven erwin data connectors.

The benefits of erwin Data Intelligence

Not only does erwin Data Intelligence provide IT, data governance teams and business users alike with enterprise-wide data landscape visibility and the business and governance context needed to understand organizational data, but it provides the data intelligence automation and self-service to smartly put it to use. With erwin Data Intelligence, teams spend less time searching for data, second-guessing its quality, or trying to understand how data flows throughout their organizations. So, they can spend more time analyzing data for the meaningful insights and potential use that will move their organizations forward.

erwin Data Intelligence provides data awareness, capability and knowledge to fuel data governance and drive business enablement. erwin Data Intelligence can help you:

Automate ongoing metadata harvesting from the widest array of data sources for use in a central data catalog.

Keep metadata current and trace changes with full versioning and change management.

Easily map data elements from source to target, including data in motion, and harmonize data integration across platforms.

Take advantage of detailed data lineage and leverage impact analysis and mind maps to quickly understand your data landscape.

Extend the visibility of data quality across the organization and collaboratively work to improve it.

Easily put in place a business-centric data asset framework tailored to your organization for alignment and robust data governance.

Raise awareness of sensitive data within your organization to mitigate a wide range of risks and address regulatory compliance.

Give data stewards the enterprise data visibility, data stewardship tools and flexible data governance workflows to drive data governance.

Empower IT, data governance teams and business users to easily discover, assess and collaborate on data assets relevant to their roles.

Guide the use of data within a business context across the organization and raise data literacy.

Deliver the visibility needed to understand, manage, protect and best leverage data across the organization.

Give data users a simple way to shop for enterprise data and speed their ability to put it to use.

Why erwin for your data intelligence platform?

Leading organizations worldwide rely on erwin Data Intelligence, comprised of erwin Data Catalog by Quest, erwin Data Quality by Quest, and erwin Data Literacy by Quest and erwin Data Marketplace by Quest with built-in automation, for a full and accurate view of their metadata landscapes. Self-service capabilities to discover, understand, govern and share the high-value data across organizations empower IT, data governance teams and business users alike to put data to impactful use, achieve regulatory compliance, raise data quality, speed digital transformation and drive a data-first culture. With erwin Data Intelligence, you can count on the capabilities to take full advantage of the value of your data.

The advantage of erwin Data Intelligence by Quest

Data intelligence empowers IT, data governance teams and business users with meaningful data landscape insights that drive well-informed actions. What could your organization accomplish by automating the collection and collaboration of data intelligence and putting it into the hands of more of your stakeholders? erwin Data Intelligence combines automation with market-leading data cataloging, data stewardship, and self-service data discovery in a single software suite so your enterprise can:

Discover data

Identify and explore metadata from various data management silos.

Harvest data

Automate the collection of metadata from various data management silos and consolidate it into a single source.

Structure and deploy data sources

Connect physical metadata to specific data models, business terms, definitions and reusable design standards.

Assess and manage data quality

Automate data profiling and assessment, raise data quality visibility and tackle remediation.

Analyze metadata

Understand how data relates to the business and what attributes it has.

Map data flows

Identify where to integrate data and document data lineage to understand how it moves and transforms.

Govern data

Develop a governance model to manage standards, policies and best practices and associate them with physical assets.

Socialize data

Empower stakeholders to see data in one place and in the context of their roles.

Shop for data

Give data users across your organization one place to shop, share and compare governed enterprise data.

erwin Data Intelligence in action

See how erwin Data Intelligence provides the instant visibility to understand your data landscape, make impactful decisions, and take action to keep enterprises moving forward.

Who needs erwin Data Intelligence?

From data analysts, data architects and data stewards to risk and compliance teams, chief executives and business users, erwin Data Intelligence is used by many across the organization to understand, govern, deliver and leverage enterprise data to its fullest advantage. As companies increasingly recognize the role data can play in their evolution, the number of roles requiring more timely, accurate access to data intelligence increases. erwin Data Intelligence answers that need with consumer-like asset discovery, data shopping and collaboration capabilities built on a foundation of powerful and automated metadata management, data governance and data quality.

erwin Data Intelligence by Quest

Data intelligence to maximize the business impact of data.