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AdminStudio 2016

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Single Solution for Reliable MSI Packaging, Application Virtualization, Windows Migrations and Mobile Application Management

AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams the most advanced solution to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for deployment with a complete suite of automated MSI packaging, reporting, customisation, testing and management reporting capabilities. « more »

AdminStudio Suite  

AdminStudio Suite 2016

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Powering the Application Readiness Process for Planning, Packaging and Delivery of Physical, Virtual, and Mobile Applications

AdminStudio Suite powers an enterprise's daily Application Readiness process for inventory, rationalisation, packaging, planning, and compatibility testing of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and predictable deployment. « more »

Workflow Manager  

Workflow Manager

Application Readiness, OS Migration, and Virtualisation Managed from Start to Finish

Workflow Manager helps enterprise IT teams efficiently manage worldwide coordination of application packaging, adhering to industry best practices like ITIL. Workflow Manager reduces costs and maximises productivity by centralising and standardising procedures around MSI packaging and virtual application preparation, using Web-based process management to streamline and control the end-to-end Application Readiness process. « more »

Trade-in Discount
Trade-in your existing Node Locked Licenses for a discount on Concurrent Licenses*
* Terms and conditions apply. Contact MicroWay for details of Concurrent License EULA

InstallShield 2016

The World's Most Popular Installation Tool

With its award-winning technology deployed on more than 500 million PCs globally, InstallShield is the industry standard for authoring high-quality Windows Installer and InstallScript installations—ensuring that software applications are correctly installed, configured, updated and eventually uninstalled on Windows-based desktops. InstallShield lets software producers keep customer satisfaction high and support costs low. « more »


InstallShield 2016 Express

The Quickest and Easiest Installation Solution

InstallShield Express Edition provides setup developers with the industry’s quickest and easiest entry-level installation solution for creating Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) installations. It offers developers of any skill level a cost-effective solution for providing a reliable, professional installation experience for their Windows-based software, including products that target Windows Vista. « more »


InstallAnywhere 2017

The Easy Way To Target Multiple Platforms With One Installation

InstallAnywhere is the leading installation development solution for application producers who need to deliver a professional and consistent multiplatform installation experience for physical, virtual and cloud environments. InstallAnywhere creates reliable installations for on-premises platforms – Windows, Linux, Apple, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and IBM – and enables you to take existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure, and create Docker containers—all from a single InstallAnywhere project. « more »

App Portal    

App Portal

Flexera Software App Portal empowers employees with on-demand software provisioning through an enterprise app store while helping IT deliver and manage the consumerisation of IT with complete visibility into their software assets.  « more »

InstallShield Collaboration  

InstallShield Collaboration

InstallShield Collaboration is the first product of its kind to address the urgent need for collaboration between application and installation developers throughout the development process to help develop managers deliver higher-quality installations. Collaboration standardises the capture of installation requirements, enabling the installation designer to consume the requirements for higher-quality, error-free setups. « more »


FLEXnet Connect

Stay Connected to Customers though Electronic Software Updating, Messaging, and Reporting

FLEXnet Connect keeps you connected to users by electronically delivering applications, updates, and messages directly to their systems – keeping your support costs down and your customers happy. For further information and pricing, contact MicroWay.

Flexnet Manager  

FLEXnet Manager

Simplify License Management and Optimise Software Spending

FLEXnet Manager is a powerful Web-based software license management system. Using FLEXnet Manager, companies can monitor and manage FLEXwrapped Windows and FLEX-enabled license usage. For further information and pricing, contact MicroWay.

Flexnet Publisher  

FLEXnet Publisher

Maximise Revenues with Flexible and Secure Licensing Options

FLEXnet Publisher provides maximum flexibility for companies to customise pricing, packaging and licensing terms for their products. The Licensing Module also includes tamper-resistant technologies, preventing revenue loss due to unauthorised usage. For further information and pricing, contact MicroWay.



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