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Document Imaging Suite

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Document Imaging Suite

The LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite SDK is a comprehensive collection of LEADTOOLS SDK features designed to build end-to-end document imaging solutions that require OCR, MICR, OMR, ICR, barcode, forms recognition and processing, PDF, HTML5 Zero-footprint viewing, conversion, print capture, archival, annotation, and image viewing functionality. This powerful set of tools utilises LEAD’s award-winning image processing technology to intelligently identify document features that can be used to recognise and extract data from any type of scanned or faxed form image.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite includes the LEADTOOLS Advantage OCR Module which powers the text and forms recognition capabilities bundled with this product. LEADTOOLS also packages and licenses additional third-party OCR engines which offer ICR, Arabic language support, and more.

What’s Included in the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite SDK?

Documents – Create, Load, Save, View, Edit, Convert

  • Document Framework
  • Document Viewer
  • Document Converter
  • Document Writers


  • OCR
  • MICR
  • OMR


Forms Recognition and Processing

  • Forms Recognition and Processing
  • Invoice Recognition and Processing
  • Check Recognition and Processing (MICR)
  • Passport Recognition and Processing
  • Driver’s License Recognition and Processing
  • Credit Card Recognition


  • View and Convert PDF Documents as Vector with SVG
  • Merge, Split, Convert, Linearize, and Distill PDF files
  • Read and Extract text, bookmarks, hyperlinks, metadata, and more from PDF
  • Convert images such as JPEG or TIFF to searchable PDF
  • Convert images such as JPEG or TIFF to image-based PDF
  • Convert PDF to an image format such as JPEG or TIFF
  • Optimise PDF documents with LEADTOOLS PDF Optimizer
  • Capture print jobs and convert to PDF from any application
  • Compress image-based PDF files

LEAD also offers a value-oriented, standalone PDF imaging toolkit with the LEADTOOLS PDF Pro SDK. This product includes everything developers need to read, write, view (as raster), and edit PDF files with advanced capabilities such as the extraction of text, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and metadata as well as updating, splitting, and merging pages from existing PDF documents. It excludes vector display and conversion, which is only available in the document and medical imaging product families.

Image Load, Save, Conversion, and Compression

  • Load, save, and convert more than 150 raster image formats, including:
  • Industry-standard and proprietary compression and decompression including:
  • Load, edit, save, and convert vector file formats
  • Create document formats including searchable PDF, XPS, and DOCX
  • Load, save, and convert both raster image and searchable PDF files
  • Load, save, and modify image metadata
  • OCR output document formats including searchable PDF, XPS, and DOC
  • SVG creation and conversion
  • EMF creation and conversion
  • Archive files and data to CD, DVD, and ISO files
  • JPIP
  • High-level image compression optimiser to automatically optimise bit depth and compression settings
  • Mixed Raster Content (MRC)

Support and Documentation

  • Source code for many demo projects to help jump-start your development
  • Comprehensive documentation for every function, method, property, and event and various “How To Use” topics
  • Free technical support from LEADTOOLS

Bitonal and Color Image Processing

  • Document image processing and pre-recognition cleanup
  • General image processing
  • Image segmentation
  • Imaging common dialogs

Image Display and Annotation

  • Image Viewers
  • HTML5 and JavaScript Viewers
  • Image annotation and markup
  • Enhanced bitonal image display

Virtual Printer, Image Capture, and Scanning

  • Virtual Printer driver to capture print jobs from any application
  • Acquire images and control TWAIN devices and scanners
  • HTML5 Web Scanning with TWAIN or SANE
  • Optimise scanning with LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN acquisition
  • Acquire images and control SANE devices and scanners
  • Acquire images and control WIA devices and scanners
  • Capture images from the screen
  • Print images to Windows printers

LEADTOOLS Distributed Computing SDK

The LEADTOOLS Distributed Computing SDK provides developers with a complete job-processing framework which can be used to create powerful distributed applications. Utilising an existing network of servers and worker machines, either on premise, cloud, or a combination, developers use the framework to create distributed, grid, or parallel computing applications.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite Includes Technology From

All of the technology from the following products is included with the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite:

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite can be Extended to Add More Technology

Add-on modules and plug-ins may be added to LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite to add even more imaging technology.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite is the Most Advanced All-In-One Document Imaging SDK Available.

Other LEADTOOLS products that work seamlessly with the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite SDK.

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