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HTML5 / Javascript Imaging SDK

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HTML5 / Javascript Imaging SDK

Web developers using LEADTOOLS HTML5 and JavaScript libraries can create zero-footprint, cross-platform applications with document, medical, and raster imaging functionality. Developers can target desktops, tablets, and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android with a single application featuring robust image display and processing, support for mouse and multi-touch gesture input, annotations, and much more.

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Overview of LEADTOOLS HTML5 and JavaScript Imaging SDK Technology

HTML5 Image Viewer

This is the base Image Viewer control upon which each of the following extends or builds around. It features a rich JavaScript API for displaying and working with images inside of an HTML5 <canvas> element. The viewer supports both mouse and multi-touch (gesture) input, interactive modes, drag and drop, a thumbnail browser, and more.

HTML5 Document Viewer

The HTML5 Document Viewer is a standalone, OEM-ready solution for viewing documents on any platform and device. Developers can create robust, fully featured applications with rich document viewing features including searchable text, annotations, memory-efficient paging, inertial scrolling, and vector display.

HTML5 Medical Viewer

This OEM-ready, fully customisable web application is perfect for any developer who needs fast, lightweight DICOM viewing without sacrificing any features that health care professionals need. Client-side, medical-specific image processing and window leveling offer a fast and responsive UI that feels as effortless as any desktop workstation. Furthermore, it can be integrated with any PACS to query, retrieve, and store images.

HTML5 Web Scanning

Control any TWAIN-enabled device from within your browser. The LEADTOOLS HTML5 Web Scanning framework can capture, scan, and process images and documents for display within the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Viewer, and also upload images to the server for additional advanced processing including OCR, Barcode, file format conversion, and more.

HTML5 Annotations

LEADTOOLS Image Annotation Technology is made available through an HTML5 and JavaScript interface for web and mobile applications. Web developers can use LEADTOOLS to provide zero-footprint, cross-platform image annotation and markup applications usable on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device browser that supports HTML5.

HTML5 Image Processing

LEADTOOLS includes JavaScript libraries for performing client-side image processing within cross-platform, zero-footprint HTML5 web applications. By natively processing image data on the client-side, developers can provide users with faster and more responsive applications without the need for external server calls.