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Imaging SDK for Xamarin

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Imaging SDK for Xamarin

LEADTOOLS includes .NET Standard development libraries for building Android, iOS, macOS, and UWP applications that target the Xamarin app model. The Xamarin interface makes it easy for developers to image-enable their applications with state-of-the art imaging technology including formats, compression, image processing, OCR, barcode, annotations, DICOM and more.

LEADTOOLS Imaging Technologies you can Implement with Xamarin


  • Compression
  • File Formats (Raster, Vector & Document)
  • Image Processing


  • Annotation for Medical Images and DICOM
  • DICOM Communication
  • DICOM Data Security
  • DICOM Data Set
  • DICOM Waveform
  • Medical Image Processing


  • Barcode
  • Document Converter
  • Document Framework
  • Document Image Annotation
  • Document Image Cleanup and Pre-processing
  • Document Writers
  • Driver’s License Recognition and Processing
  • Forms Recognition and Processing
  • Invoice Recognition and Processing
  • MICR
  • OCR
  • OMR
  • Passport Recognition and Processing (MRTD)
  • PDF
  • SVG