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InstallShield Features by Version

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New and Enhanced InstallShield Features Added by Release

InstallShield 2023 R1InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Support for InstallScript Projects in Visual Studio 2022YesYes
Configure and Deliver App UpdatesYesYes
Install Windows Package Manager Apps from SuiteYesYes
InstallShield 2022 R1/R2InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Integration with Visual Studio 2022YesYes
Support for Custom Extensions in MSIXYesYes
InstallShield 2021 R2InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Enhanced Support for Window 11 and Windows Server 2022YesYes
Full ARM SupportYesYes
InstallShield 2021 R1InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Support for Cloud BuildsYes 
Modern and Simple InstallersYesYes
Install Packages from Windows Package ManagerYesYes
MSIX UpdatesYesYes
Enhanced Support for Windows 11YesYes
InstallShield 2020 R3InstallShield PremierInstallShield
MSIX – Support for FontsYesYes
Build InstallShield Projects in an Azure DevOpsYesYes
InstallShield 2020 R1InstallShield PremierInstallShield
MSIX – Modification PackagesYesYes
MSIX – Support for MSIX CoreYesYes
Pure 64 InstallersYesYes
AWS CloudHSM-based Digital SigningYesYes
InstallShield 2019 R3InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Simplified Builds Within DockerYesYes
Automated Patch DesignYesYes
InstallShield 2019InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Create Native MSIX PackagesYesYes
Identify Existing Installshield Projects Requiring Changes to Meet Microsoft MSIX StandardsYesYes
Expands Installation Suites to Include MSIX PackagesYesYes
Easily Convert Any MSI File into an MSIX PackageYesYes
Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 IntegrationYesYes
InstallShield 2018 R2InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Easily Create MSIX Packages or Convert from Existing MSI ProjectsYesYes
Fresh, Modern Interface for the InstallShield DesignerYesYes
User Choice to Download a New Update or Stay with Old VersionYesYes
Use of Both SHA 1 or SHA 256 to Digitally Sign InstallersYesYes
InstallShield 2018InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Enhanced Control for Suite Installation AuthorsYesYes
Robust Transform Projects SupportYesYes
Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2017 IntegrationYesYes
InstallShield 2016InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Create Project Centennial Appx Packages from MSI ProjectsYesYes
Create Windows Server Apps from MSI ProjectsYesYes
Appx Compatibility TestingYesYes
Combine Appx PackagesYes 
Mapped MSI Table RelationshipsYesYes
Customized Windows 10 TilesYesYes
InstallShield 2015InstallShield PremierInstallShield
Support for Microsoft® Windows® 10YesYes
Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2015 IntegrationYesYes
Support for the Latest Microsoft® Certificate Requirements Including SHA-256YesYes
Automation Interface for Advanced UI and Suite/Advanced UI ProjectsYesYes