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J-Trace for Cortex-M

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J-Trace for Cortex-M

JTAG debug probe with trace support for Cortex-M cores

J-Trace for Cortex-M is a JTAG debug probe designed for Cortex-M cores which includes trace (ETM) support. J-Trace for Cortex-M can also be used as a J-Link.


  • Has all the J-Link functionality
  • Hi-Speed-USB 2.0 interface
  • JTAG speed: 25 MHz
  • Works with all currently available Cortex-M devices at 100 MHz trace clock
  • Supports Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M7 targets
  • Supports ARM’s Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM)
  • Supports ARM’s Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB)
  • Supports ARM’s Micro Trace Buffer (MTB)
  • Free software updates1, 2 years of support
  • 16 MB trace buffer

Package content

J-Link ULTRA+ is delivered with the following components:

J-Trace Cortex-M

.05″ 20-pin trace cable

20-pin, 0.1″ target ribbon cable

USB cable