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Intel Parallel Studio XE

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Intel Parallel Studio XE

The tools and libraries in each Intel Parallel Studio XE suite were developed to make the most out of each phase in this process, and grouped together to meet all of your software development needs during that phase. Once the first round of development is complete, continue the process as often as needed to keep your application up-to-date and optimised. 

Included in this suite are: 

  • The Intel C++ Compiler and/or Intel Fortran Compiler 
  • Intel Distribution for Python 
  • Intel Debugger Extension 
  • Software libraries (Intel MKL, Intel DAAL, Intel TBB, Intel IPP) 

Three editions based on your development needs: 

  • Composer Edition includes industry-leading C++ and Fortran compilers, performance libraries, standards-based parallel models, and performance-optimised Python. Build fast code, faster. 
  • Professional Edition includes a complete selection of compilers and libraries. Build your capabilities with a performance profiler, optimised vectorization, threading prototyping, and debugging tools for memory and threads. 
  • Cluster Edition is Intel’s flagship suite. It includes all tools from the other versions, plus an MPI library, an MPI tuning and analysis tool, and an advanced cluster diagnostic system. 

Can I still purchase NEW Intel Parallel Studio XE / Intel System Studio licenses? 

No.  Intel Parallel Studio and Intel System Studio product licenses are no longer available and have been replaced by Intel oneAPI products.   

Can I still RENEW my Intel Parallel Studio XE and Intel System Studio? 

For a limited period, you will still be able to renew the priority support subscriptions for your existing products (providing  you have not transitioned to a oneAPI product prior to the renewal).  A Support Subscription Renewal (SSR) for your currently supported product(s) is required to maintain access to priority support and benefits. 

Intel Parallel Studio XE Users

Intel oneAPI toolkits are the next generation of standards-based Intel Software Development Tools used to build and deploy high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures. The transition from Intel Parallel Studio XE to Intel oneAPI toolkits delivers additional capabilities through existing tools and new tools. The following information shows Intel Parallel Studio XE Editions and the equivalent Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit products.

Intel Parallel Studio XE ProductIntel oneAPI Toolkit Product
Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition Intel Parallel Studio XE Professional EditionIntel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit
Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster EditionIntel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit


Customers currently using Intel Parallel Studio XE (Composer, Professional, or Cluster Editions) and who are on active software support will continue to receive support through the term of the active support period. Support will apply to the Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit that will be provided as the next generation of the Intel Parallel Studio XE suite of tools. Available versions of Intel Parallel Studio XE entitled to you will remain available in your account on the Intel Registration Center.

Software Updates

All software updates and latest versions for Intel Parallel Studio XE tools will be delivered in the Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit. Customers on active software support will be able to upgrade to the Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit by signing into the Intel Registration Center and accepting the upgrade. You will receive an email that explains these changes and a link to the Intel Registration Center to upgrade. Support will continue through the term of the current active support period for the Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit.


Existing software license files continue to be available in the Intel Registration Center and enable your use of Intel® Software Product versions you are entitled to. The Intel oneAPI toolkits do not require license files, and the terms of use are based on the purchased product with support and End User License Agreement.