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The future of video is here.

Create business relevant, fully editable scripts and videos in seconds with the power of generative AI.

Vyond Go. The industry’s first AI-powered script and video creator for business

Supercharge the speed, ease, and scalability of your business communications with Vyond Go. Go from prompt to video in seconds and get an editable first draft of your video instantly. With different locations, formats, and vibes to choose from, there’s no limit to what you can create. Welcome to self-service video creation made faster, easier, and more accessible.

Instantly generate from prompt or your pre-existing content.

Vyond Go rewrites the script on how you create videos, resulting in faster, more engaging business communications. Flexibly create videos within Vyond Go by using information from around the web with prompt-based creation, or generate a more custom script and video using your existing content.

Create in seconds.
Edit in minutes.

Creating a video in Vyond Go is as simple as ready, prompt, go! Eliminate writer’s block. Save time and effort. Go from first draft to final cut in minutes. Only Vyond Go gives you the ability to fine-tune and edit your video without leaving the application. Make simple text edits within Vyond Go or take your video to Vyond Studio to edit and customize nearly any aspect of your video to align with your brand and relevant use case.

How do I get access to Vyond Go?

All Vyond users have access to Vyond Go, directly within the Vyond Platform. Specifically, you can access Vyond Go from the “Create A Video” button drop down in the video listing page.

Does access to Vyond Go cost extra?

Vyond Go is currently included at no extra charge with all of our subscription plans.

Will free trial users be able to use Vyond Go?


After a video is made using Vyond Go, what can I edit within Vyond Go?

Users will be able to make changes to the on-screen text as well as the script for text to speech (TTS). Users can then take the video into Vyond Studio for fine-tuning if they want.

Are there character count limits for my prompts?

Yes, Vyond Go currently has a 4,000 character limit per prompt.

How many prompts can users enter into Vyond Go every day?

During our introductory period (June 28-Sept 5), users will be provided a generous daily allocation of AI prompts. This special “Get Up To Speed” prompt allocation will allow users the opportunities they need to freely experiment with and refine their prompt technique. These higher prompt allocations can also help users determine their estimated daily usage and, subsequently, determine the most appropriate subscription plan for their business communication needs.

At the end of this introductory stage, the “Get Up To Speed” promotional launch prompt allocation will convert to the Vyond Go general availability per user/per day prompt allocation, as listed on the Vyond Plans and Pricing page.

When will the prompts-per-day allotment counter be reset?

Your prompt allotment will be reset every day at midnight UTC.

Why will the prompts-per-day limits decrease at the end of the introductory period?

The short answer: because every prompt entered into Vyond has real costs associated with it.

To enable the rapid creation of scripts and rough-cut videos, Vyond is integrated to Microsoft Azure’s implementation of OpenAI’s LLM (Large Language Model). In turn, Open AI has its own limits and subscription rates for ChatGPT.

Training and running LLMs is a significant structural cost. A huge amount of computing power is required to run large learning models (LLMs) because they do billions of calculations every time they return a response to a prompt. These calculations also require the immense computing power of graphics processors, or GPUs, now the standard for AI applications because they’re able to perform so many calculations simultaneously.

In recognition of the greatly expanded value provided with Vyond Go, and the concrete costs associated with delivering that value, Vyond’s subscription plans will be adjusted, after the “Get Up to Speed” introductory period ends.

Should I be worried about data privacy when using Vyond Go?

Data privacy is not an issue unless you’re typing someone’s personally identifiable information (PII) into the prompt. Best practice is still to follow and adhere to your company’s information security policies and guidelines.