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Flasher Hub

Flasher Hub

High-volume gang programming at maximum speed

The Flasher Hub controls multiple Flasher Compacts so that they program simultaneously. Up to 24 Flashers can be connected to create a single, powerful gang programmer for efficient high-speed parallel programming.


  • Scalability: Up to 24 individual parallel programming channels with their own circuit memory
  • Reliability
  • Longevity
  • Built-in web & FTP server for easy setup
  • Multi-platform: Includes application software for Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • No license required. No hidden costs. No future costs.
  • Future proof: Software, firmware updates, and new flash loaders, are free of charge.

Parallel programming

The Flasher Hub controls multiple Flasher Compacts. Each Flasher can be configured individually to program different targets with different target firmware. Whether it’s the number of channels, type of flash device, firmware image, programming interface or command interface, the Flasher Hub can manage them all.

Flexible control and monitoring

The Flasher Hub is easy to set up and operate using SEGGER software tools. It can be operated via TELNET using the built-in ASCII command interface which was designed for automation. Flasher Hub also comes with a web interface designed for easy and intuitive manual operation.

Serial number assignment

Many modern devices require some pieces of unique information. The Flasher Hub allows the programming of data that differs amongst other otherwise identical units. Typical examples are things like serial numbers, ethernet hardware addresses (MAC), and digital signatures, and license keys that enable/disable product features. All these options can be adapted from device to device by applying patch data to the original firmware.

Supported Devices

Flasher Hub supports Flasher Compact programmers.