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ImageGear for Java

Java Image Processing Library

ImageGear for JavaNow you can quickly integrate image processing and file conversion into your Java applications. ImageGear for Java is an easy-to-use, robust imaging API for Java developers who need to incorporate low-level image processing into their applications while maintaining the highest level of control.

This versatile Java SDK supports reading and writing of 100+ file formats to meet a wide variety of use cases. You can also enable your applications to perform fast image conversion by converting to and from bitmap images with various bit depths, palettes, and compression and encoding options.

Java image processing library feature highlights:

Extensive file format support

This toolkit allows you to support reading and writing over 100 file formats and metadata including JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, Medical DICOM, and many more. You can easily integrate image conversion into your document management workflow and applications.


Enhance your software with document and image annotation capabilities using our preset annotations tools and functions. Annotations are key to highlighting and visualizing data, especially for file viewers or document archiving applications.


Add industry leading compression algorithms to your Java application with a few lines of code. Optimize different file formats using the most appropriate image compression algorithm that's suitable for your application.

Powerful image processing

ImageGear for Java lets you automate image processing tasks, including crop, resize, encrypt, and decrypt. You can also read and write thumbnails, perform color processing, and blend and combine data from two or more images.

Easy image and document cleanup

The easy-to-use ImageClean feature will add high-performance document cleanup and pre-processing techniques to your Java application, including hole punch removal, line removal, dotted line removal, border cleanup, auto-cropping, image dilation, erosion, and much more.



ImageGear for Java is the most advanced way to create, control, and deliver more secure, high-quality imaging applications. Using ImageGear, you can easily add powerful imaging capability to your applications. ImageGear supports all of the most commonly used graphics file formats and many more, providing complete compatibility when developing Java solutions across multiple platforms.

ImageGear for Java features include:

  • Reading and writing 100+ file formats
  • File format conversion
  • Multi-page images support
  • In-memory access to image pixel data
  • Access to image metadata
  • Export to bitmap for display and printing
  • Comprehensive image processing
  • Analysis/correction/manipulation of computer-generated images
  • Color processing: reduction/promotion/dithering
  • ICC color profiles support
  • Thumbnail read and write support
  • Alpha channels support
  • Pantone channels support
  • ROI processing
  • Annotations support
  • Annotations marks statistics gathered by the area and linear measurements
  • Medical/DICOM format support
  • DICOM image processing
  • DICOM 2009 metadata support
  • Unlimited product evaluation licensing

The toolkit has native support for all color spaces and bit depths, provides comprehensive handling of color channels, and supports the following bit depths internally: 1, 4, 8-bit gray level, 8i, 9-16-bit gray level, 24, 32, 48, 64. The toolkit can also read all the additional bit depths possible for the file formats ImageGear supports.

With ImageGear for Java, you are assured of the high quality and performance you expect from Accusoft, the industry leader in image processing toolkits.



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