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The Preferred .NET Reporting Component with Pure Power

ActiveReportsThe award-winning .NET reporting tool for HTML5, WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure provides Microsoft .NET developers with familiar Visual Studio integrated designers and components, as well as an extensive API. Create reports ranging in functionality from form-based reports such as invoices and insurance documents, to transaction reports such as sales and accounting, to analytical reports such as sales and budget analysis and portfolio analysis.

• Also See ActiveReports Server

  • Fast and flexible .NET Reporting and ASP.NET Reporting engine
  • Comprehensive API that allows complete report processing and printing customisation
  • Wide range of Export and Preview formats including Silverlight, Windows Forms and Web Viewers, Adobe Flash Viewer and PDF export
  • Royalty-free licensing for your Silverlight, Web and Windows applications

ActiveReports is an integrated ad-hoc report designer for Microsoft .NET developers. It is the .NET reporting tool of choice for hardcore developers who can push it to the limit using the extensive APIs, but still makes it easy to create entry-level reports using the familiar Visual Studio integrated designers. ActiveReports satisfies the needs of virtually any .NET reporting or ASP.NET reporting application in a wide variety of business sectors including healthcare, insurance, financial, banking, engineering, manufacturing and scientific.

ActiveReports Editions

ActiveReports Professional Standard + Server Professional + Server
World Class Reporting
JavaScript based HTML5 Viewer
Flexible & Extensive API
Multi-lingual Support
Visual Studio Integrated Report Designer
WinForms based End User Report Designer Control
ASP.NET Report Viewer Control
Advanced PDF Encryption & Rendering
Enterprise Grade Scalability & Load Balancing
Server-Side Features (Scheduling & Report Audits)
Web-Based Report Portal Control


Features and Highlights

Whether you develop for desktop, web or touch devices, this collection provides the tools to tackle both core and trending technologies.

Multiple Report Types to Fit Your .NET Reporting Needs

Whether you develop for desktop, web or touch devices, this collection provides the tools to tackle both core and trending technologies.

  • Fixed Page Layout gives developers a new way of creating reports where layout is the primary focus. Great for creating invoices, prospectus reports, forms, or other highly structured reports.
  • Continuous Page Layout makes it easy to create reports using tables, crosstabs, charts, and other data regions with flexible layouts.
  • Fast .NET Reporting EngineSection-based Reports follow the tradition of previous ActiveReports versions as well as being similar to Access reports. Using code-behind or scripts, you can respond to the various events that occur while the report generates to create extremely customised reports that are hard to produce with other products.

Fast .NET Reporting Engine

ActiveReports is optimised for speed. Its unique architecture allows the lean reporting engine to quickly read records from the data source and immediately render them to the output device. The simplicity of the design allows the data to pass through quickly from processing to rendering.

Flexible .NET API

The extensive ActiveReports API allows Visual Basic and C# developers to completely control the report processing engine to fit their needs. Events and properties control:

  • Data retrieval
  • Data transformation
  • Layout
  • Rendering

In addition, the API gives the developer complete control over the rendered document to allow selective printing or export, post-render drawing or stamping on pages, n-page, and booklet printing. For added control, ActiveReports provides unmanaged access to the print job, allowing tray selection and duplex printer management as the document is rendered to the printer.

Data Visualisation and LayoutData Visualisation and Layout

Whether you need a simple listing or groups with keep-together control, master-detail reports, sub-reports, horizontal and vertical multi-column reports, address labels and badges, or richly formatted letters with mail merge support, ActiveReports is the solution.

Simple and lightweight report controls allow you to easily create dazzling reports. With a selection including textbox, checkbox, line, shape, cross-section box, image, formatted text with mail merge, barcode (2D and 3D), chart, and other data visualisation controls, they support a wide range of business reports. You can create reports of any size with nearly endless layout options.

Rich Data Binding

.NET data sources allow you to connect to any of the standard databases, plus .NET in-memory objects and collections. In addition, unbound data mode opens up the report to data from anywhere, in any form. If your application can access it, so can the report engine.

Visual Studio Integrated DesignVisual Studio Integrated Design Time

The ActiveReports report designer integrates with the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE allowing C# and Visual Basic developers to create reports and compile them into their Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Silverlight applications. ActiveReports Professional Edition users can also use the royalty-free end-user report designer control to give similar report design functionality to end users within the business application.

View Anywhere

ActiveReports offers versatile viewers to extend the reach of your reports to every platform. Built-in report viewers include HTML5, Windows Forms, Adobe Flash, WPF, and a rich HTML viewer, all with built-in search functions, hyperlink interaction, a table of contents, and multi-page zoom view support.

ActiveReports includes Adobe PDF export with advanced encryption and international font support, Microsoft Excel export, and Rich Text Format (RTF) export. The extensive API allows fine control over the exported documents and their properties. The ActiveReports reporting engine supports cloud computing on Microsoft's Windows Azure platform under partial trust as well as full trust.

Support for Migration from Other Reporting Tools

ActiveReports helps you preserve your past investments with easy report conversion from Microsoft Access and SAP Crystal Reports, thus greatly reducing the effort involved in recreating old reports when you migrate. No need to start from scratch!

Global Options and Localisation Support

Localise the ActiveReports user interface to meet the needs of all of your international users. (There are fully localised Chinese and Japanese versions for those specific markets.) Localisation also extends to the reports themselves: the reporting engine can use locale-specific text and formatting without the need to create multiple reports.


ActiveReports uses XCOPY deployment, making installation of your applications incredibly simple. There are no special merge modules to include, no licensing servers to install alongside your application, and no difficult activation procedures to go through.

Visual Studio 2013 Ready

Get even more out of Visual Studio 2013 with ActiveReports: see increased productivity with less code required and added functionality. ActiveReports offers full support for Visual Studio 2013. While ActiveReports allows you to adopt the latest technologies, it also supports versions 3.5 and higher of the .NET Framework.

Multiple Report Types to Fit Your Reporting Needs

  • Fixed Page Layout gives developers a new way of creating reports where layout is the primary focus. Great for creating invoices, prospectus reports, forms, or other highly structured reports.
  • Continuous Page Layout makes it easy to create reports using tables, crosstabs, charts, and other data regions with flexible layouts.
  • Section Reports follow the tradition of previous ActiveReports versions and are similar to Access reports. Using code-behind or scripts, you can respond to the various events that occur while the report generates to create extremely customised reports that are hard to produce with other products.

Seamless Visual Studio Integration for an Easy Start

When you install ActiveReports, report design templates are added to the Visual Studio installed templates list. You can choose from page report, code-based section report, or XML-based report templates. We also install entire-project templates to get you started with creating a reporting application quickly!

Easy-to-use Report Designer

Easily design great looking reports using the ActiveReports report designer. The Designer tab organises your design elements in one place:

  • The dockable Report Explorer keeps all report controls, fields, parameters, and report settings at your fingertips
  • The ActiveReports toolbox allows you to drag and drop controls onto your report and customise them
  • The Preview tab lets you see how your reports will look at run time without running the project

Use the Report Designer Control in your Own Apps

The ActiveReports Professional Edition features a royalty-free, fully customisable end-user report designer control for Windows Forms. This allows you to host the report designer in your own Windows Forms applications and allow your end users to create and modify their own reports. You can also combine the Designer and Visual Studio PropertyGrid controls for full reporting functionality. As a starting point for your own application, see the sample project included in the installation.

Localise Reports for Different Cultures

All report types in ActiveReports support localisation of reports. Localise the content of your reports in the same way that you do a Windows Forms application. You can also specify that certain controls always use a particular culture for formatting purposes (for example, when displaying US Dollar values from your database while viewing the report in France).

Localise Controls and the Entire UI for Different Cultures

ActiveReports uses standard .NET localisation satellite assemblies. Included with the installation is the complete set of resource files needed to localise the controls and the engine so your users see everything in their own language.

Customisable Report Viewer Control for Windows Users

The included Windows Forms Viewer control allows you to offer your end users:

  • Selection of report parameter values
  • Report zooming and previewing
  • Multiple tabs for viewing hyperlinks
  • Split-page and multi-page views
  • Table of Contents pane
  • Thumbnails pane with thumbnails of report pages
  • Text searches

Customise the toolbar with extra buttons, and hide features that you don't want to use. To get started, simply add the control to your Visual Studio toolbox and drop it on a form.

Silverlight Viewer for Rich Reporting in Silverlight

The Silverlight Viewer control included in ActiveReports Professional Edition allows developers to display reports within their Silverlight applications. The control supports:

  • Report parameters
  • Report drill through
  • Exporting the report into the various formats supported by the product

Built on the MVVM design model, the viewer control will fit right in with the rest of your applications. Use your own template resources to alter the way the viewer looks, for example, to add or remove toolbar buttons.

Flash Report Viewer Provides Rich Browsing on the Web

The Flash-based report viewer, included in ActiveReports Professional Edition, provides a seamless, interactive report viewing experience and one-touch printing.

  • Choose from pre-defined themes (including Office, Windows XP, Vista, and Windows Classic)
  • Enhance the viewer experience by controlling the printing, paging, table of contents, thumbnail views, and other options with the extensive client-side API
  • Localise the Flash Viewer with one of several included locales - if your language is not available, you can translate it for us and we'll integrate it into the product

* This feature requires Adobe Flash version 10 or higher.

AJAX-based ASP.NET WebViewer

The ASP.NET WebViewer control, included in ActiveReports Professional Edition, provides developers with multiple ways of displaying reports all with the same server-side control. Display reports using a:

  • Rich HTML-based viewer that uses AJAX for page requests as well as passing parameter information back to the server.
  • Raw-HTML dump that precludes the interactivity options, but is good for just giving the user everything at once.
  • PDF-based viewer, gives your users the best printing option available as it avoids issues that come from printing HTML.
    Flash-based viewer.

Support for Windows Azure Reporting

ActiveReports supports reporting within Microsoft Windows Azure cloud services in full trust mode. Although there are some restrictions because of the underlying platform limitations, you have early access to the benefits of using this platform. In addition to PDF, ActiveReports also supports the Excel Export filter in Azure full trust.

ASP.NET Medium Trust Support

ActiveReports supports ASP.NET medium trust environment, with some restrictions. Understanding that many web hosting environments do not grant full trust, we've done our best to improve your ASP.NET reporting experience.

Built-in, Customisable Charts with Advanced Features

The ActiveReports toolbox includes a Chart control that supports the most commonly used 2D and 3D chart types, including XY charts and financial charts.

Report Parameters Enable Dynamic Filtering of Data

Use the ActiveReports Parameters collection to:

  • Pass values directly into a textbox or a chart on a report
  • Choose what subset of data from your data source to display in a particular instance of a report
  • Pass values from a main report into a subreport

Specify report parameter values in code prior to running the report or collect them at run time through any of the various viewer controls. Page reports support rich report parameters that let you prompt the user to select values from a list that can be data bound, or use cascading parameters to let the user narrow down their selection.

Wide Report Layout Flexibility

  • Section Reports allow you to use group headers and footers to section off portions of data in your reports. Or, if necessary, you can embed a report in another report using the Subreport control. Once you place the Subreport control on a report, you attach a report object to it in code. You can pass parameters to the subreport from the main report, ensuring that data related to the main report displays in each instance of the subreport.
  • Page Reports offer a wide array of layout choices, focused on letting "data regions" do their own layout and design. The new Fixed Page Layout report type offers a true WYSIWYG report design experience. You can also use the Continuous Page Layout model which allows controls to grow and flow as needed.

Export to a Wide Range of Document Formats

ActiveReports includes tools for exporting your reports to popular formats like:

Adobe PDF with advanced encryption and international font support

  • Microsoft Excel
  • HTML
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) or Microsoft Word
  • Text or XML
  • Various image formats (such as PNG, JPG, BMP, and TIFF)

The extensive APIs allow fine control over the exported documents and their properties. You can use the exported documents in both Windows-based and Web-based applications. Provide export options for your users, or have your application create the exports automatically. With a separate DLL for each export format, you are free to use and deploy any combination.

Advanced PDF Reporting Features

By using a single setting, you can prompt users to print a report when the PDF opens. Additionally, the well-known PDF reporting features of ActiveReports just got even better in the Professional Edition. While exporting .NET reports to PDF, you can now digitally sign your reports with a hidden signature or with visible text and graphics. Personalise your signature using 16 attributes. For example:

  • Use the Signature to validate the report author
  • Use a Certification Level attribute to control user access
  • Use the Time Stamp feature to create third-party authorised versions of your documents

These features are fully compatible with Adobe's new security guidelines.

Provide Powerful Printing Capabilities

With ActiveReports, printing your reports is not only easy but it's powerful and fast. At design time and run time, configure duplex printing, print multiple copies, and configure page orientation. The Windows Viewer control also has additional advanced printing options such as page scaling, n-up printing, and watermarks.

Built-in Barcode Control

ActiveReports has excellent integrated barcode functionality, including two new barcode symbologies in the latest version:

  • Intelligent Mail barcode (the US Postal Service is replacing the Postnet barcode with IM beginning in 2013)
  • DataMatrix

Several options have also been added to the EAN and UPC symbologies.

Crystal Reports and Access Report Conversion Tools

ActiveReports comes with an ActiveReports Import tool that supports the conversion of Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports (versions 2008 and 2010) to ActiveReports. Due to differences between products, the extent to which your reports are converted depends on your specific report layout.

External Style Sheets and Themes for Consistent Style

With ActiveReports, you can set up styles and apply them to various controls within your reports, and then save the styles to an external XML file for use in other reports. Then, if you want to distribute the same reports with a different look, simply change the style sheet instead of changing fonts and colors and sizes on individual controls in each report. Themes can also include images, allowing logos or other ornamental images to be swapped out easily.

Extensive Public Knowledgebase

When you buy ActiveReports and related products, you're getting a market leading product, and the confidence of knowing that for more than a decade, over 50,000 developers have adopted and enriched the product with their experience and skills and have contributed to a global online knowledge base with innumerable links, articles, forum discussions, comparisons, blogs, and emails.

Royalty-free XCOPY Deployment Eliminates Costs and Overhead

With ActiveReports, you can create code-based section reports within Visual Studio and compile them directly into the executable. Additionally, you can use Page reports or XML-based section reports with script that can be distributed without compiling them into the application. You can distribute ActiveReports assemblies using XCOPY deployment or place them in the Windows global assembly cache (GAC). With XCOPY deployment, developers can easily distribute applications without being forced to use complicated installer technologies.



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