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Studio for UWP

Powerful, Flexible Controls for Universal Windows Platform

Studio for UWPCatapult your applications to new heights with stunning visualisation, powerful reports, and complete schedulers available on any Windows 10 device. Your clients will love the quality and variety of these controls—ranging from data management to UI to complex data visualisation—and you'll love the flexibility of the API and access to global support. Desktop, tablet, and phone become one--and you only have to code once. Build Universal apps more efficiently than ever.

What's New in ComponentOne Ultimate and Studio Enterprise?

What's Inside Studio for UWP?

UWP at-a-glance

  • Users get a single, unified experience across all Windows 10 apps
  • One stable, feature-rich control set
  • Code once across Windows 10 desktop, tablet, phone, and wearables
  • Can target all, one, or selected device families
  • Leverage your XAML and C#/VB knowledge to build Windows 10 apps
  • Easy learning curve for existing WinRT/Windows Phone developers
  • Current WinRT/Windows Phone customers upgrade free for one year

Studio for UWP - Features

Manage Reports and Schedules with Ease

  • Generate reports with FlexReport, and embed them in your application with FlexViewer
  • View an exported PDF report, or any PDF document, in our PdfViewer control
  • For scheduling and calendars on the go, build a complete, custom app with our Scheduler control

Stunning and Superior Data Visualisation

  • Bring your dashboards to life with UWP's flexible data visualisation controls
  • Our lighweight Sparkline control gives data context within an application
  • Enhance your data with interactive gauges

Develop Once and Build Universal Apps

Universal apps save your development time! Develop once for all Windows 10 devices using one set of controls, leveraging your XAML and C#/VB knowledge to build modern Windows apps.

Free Global Support

Collaborate with ComponentOne Studio technical experts and fellow developers on the community forums, or upgrade to Platinum for unlimited phone support and a 24-hour weekday response time from our global experts. ComponentOne officially supports all forums for technical issues both during trial and after purchase.

Optimise Your Visual Studio Experience

Our Visual Studio integration is seamless, starting with installation. ComponentOne Studio controls automatically appear in your Toolbox, and our support for IntelliSense and the latest Microsoft frameworks will skyrocket your productivity.


What's Inside Studio for UWP?

Studio for WinRT XAML controls


FlexReport for UWP (Beta)

If you'd like to see everything FlexReport can do, mosey on over to our WinForms Edition. The UWP beta is a leaner version, feature-wise, but you'll still get the standalone FlexReport Designer, cross-device FlexViewer, and the power and speed of our other reporting tools. The official launch is scheduled for later in 2016.

C1Word Library has been added as a beta library.

FlexChart and FlexPie for UWP (Beta)

This supercharged chart control allows you to select from one of dozens of chart types, easily integrate built-in features like line markers and legends, and includes a pie chart with exploding slices. This is scheduled for launch in July 2016.

Migrate from WinRT and Windows Phone

From now until March 15, 2017, WinRT and Windows Phone Edition owners can upgrade to UWP for free. C1Studio license holders get the upgrade just by downloading the latest build. Contact a sales rep if you'd like to update today. Effective immediately, WinRT is going into maintenance mode and will only be updated for bug fixes.



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