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Ignite UI

Quickly Build Fast Performing Web Apps

A complete library of 100+ JavaScript UI components giving you the ability to build data-rich responsive web apps with Angular, React, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, Knockout, Vue.js, and more.

Ignite UI helps you build powerful, high-performance web-based applications. Inside Ignite UI you'll find user experience controls and components for creating engaging line-of-business web applications which target the browsers for both mobile & desktop environments.

Included in the suite is a number of controls including a high performance data grid that includes features like sorting, filtering, paging, grouping, load on demand, touch support, column hiding and moving, and much more. Additional components and controls include hierarchical, tree and pivot grids, a framework-level data source component, charts, graphs and a host of editor controls.

Ignite UI is built on jQuery and jQuery UI and ties in seamlessly with the jQuery core model and conventions including all styling support via jQuery UI Theme Roller. Beyond jQuery Ignite UI features support for Bootstrap themes, AngularJS, Knockout and jQuery Mobile.

A Complete Toolset for the Modern Web

Data Grid

The Ignite UI Grid control is responsive, touch-enabled, and the fastest grid available. You can bind the grid to a variety of data sources, including JSON, XML, HTML tables, .NET collections, and even .NET data tables. The grid works with popular open source libraries like AngularJS, Angular, React and KnockoutJS.

  • Get the fastest grid available
  • Provides flexible layout for responsive design
  • Includes flat data display, hierarchical master-detail, and hierarchical tree-lists


The Ignite UI Category Chart is an HTML5 chart component built with performance in mind. The Category Chart control is for developers who are new to charting and want an easy way to create great charts for their web applications. It includes many great features such as tooltips, custom marker type, and full control over how the chart axes are formatted. The Category Chart control offers the most popular chart types including line, column, point, area, and more. These charts render lightning fast, no matter how much data is in your data set, even when consuming live real-time data.

  • Render large sets of data with over 75 visualisation options
  • Includes Area, Bar, Financial, Sparkline and many other business charts
  • Highlight trends with interactive series charts

Theme Generator

  • Download and customise pre-generated Bootstrap themes
  • Easily upload and customise your own existing themes
  • Preview to see how theme changes affect controls

Page Designer

  • Reduce hand-coding of every component
  • Enjoy fully loaded JavaScript/HTML5 component toolbox
  • Includes easy-to-use component editor


The Spreadsheet component provides users with a powerful yet familiar way to manage data. The Spreadsheet component is supported by the Infragistics JavaScript Excel library, enabling it to import and export data to and from Microsoft Excel files either locally or from a service. The Spreadsheet supports all basic spreadsheet features, including workbooks, worksheets, cells, formulas, and more.

  • Create powerful formulas with custom functions
  • Format data with frozen/split panes, headers, and resizing
  • Includes all familiar spreadsheet user interactions


The Schedule component is used to display and manage appointments with associated resources. Appointments can be displayed in a month view, a month view with an agenda split view, or an agenda view. Populate appointments by using the built-in appointment and resource classes, or use your own custom business objects.

  • Populate with built-in appointment and resource classes
  • Schedule people and resources
  • Includes both Month and Agenda views


Ignite UI for JavaScript Components

Fast, full-featured, easy-to-use JavaScript/HTML5 components give you the power to create high-performance apps for the modern web.

Most Popular
Data Grid
Data Chart
Page Designer
Theme Generator
Layout Manager
Video Player
HTML Editor
File Upload
Data Grid
Hierarchial Grid
Pivot Data Selector
Pivot Grid
Pivot View
Tree Grid
Tree List

Category Chart
Data Chart
Doughnut Chart
Funnel Chart
Pie Chart

Data Entry & Display
Combo Box
HTML Editor

Data Visualisation
Geographic Map

Bullet Graph
Linear Gauge
Radial Gauge
Data Source
Excel Exporter
Excel Library
Infragistics Documents
Infragistics Loader
Template Engine
Word Exporter

Layout Manager
Tile Manager

Dialog Window
File Upload
Split Button
Video Player

Radial Menu



** Available separately or as part of Infragistics Ultimate



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