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MindManager 2017

The all-new MindManager 2017 integrated mapping solution is here. With new universal file export, you can now share your MindManager content with anyone on any platform, exporting your best ideas, plans and notes to 700+ web apps. Create and share dynamic information maps, mind maps, process flow diagrams, concept maps, project dashboards, and now interactive timelines. Or, turn your maps into interactive dashboards and receive updates when changes are made in any of the 700+ integrated apps. With new project planning tools, project timelines, workflow diagram improvements, and more new features and user interface enhancements, MindManager 2017 for Windows is a major release you won't want to miss.

MindManager Mind Maps

Inspire creativity and conquer complexity. MindManager's flexible mind maps and diagrams promote freeform thinking and enable quick organisation of ideas and information. Use MindManager's visual format to capture, organise and communicate complex topics more clearly. Manage your work more effectively with MindManager. Experience the power of MindManager on the platform of your choice and start realizing the benefits today.

MindManager is available on the following platforms:

  • MindManager 10 for Mac
  • MindManager 2017 for Windows
  • MindManager Enterprise - perfect for organisations and teams.


The New MindManager is More Powerful and Intuitive Than Ever.

More Powerful Sharing
Share your maps with everyone who needs to review your work. MindManager 2017 lets you export maps in HTML5 so you can easily share maps, meeting notes, action items, project plans, workflow diagrams, and more. Your export opens in almost any web browser so you can share the clarity and understanding of mind maps, concept maps and diagrams with everyone.

Powerful Integrations
Do more with MindManager and get the most out of the apps you already use. Create a project plan in MindManager and manage it in Asana. Map your meeting notes in and share the minutes in Google Docs. Receive updates in your project maps when your team adds documents to Google Drive, Box or OneDrive. Whatever the scenario, we've got you covered. Export map content to over 700 leading cloud apps with Zapier. Or, receive updates from these apps to transform your maps into powerful dashboards.

More Dynamic Layouts
Beyond interactive mind maps, org charts, workflow diagrams and concept maps, we've added a brand new diagram type, Timelines. Clearly illustrate product roadmaps, key project milestones, and marketing launch plans with the new dynamic Timeline layouts. Use powerful features like filtering to produce custom views, the marker index for easy navigation or the walk through mode for compelling presentations.

Better Project Planning & Management
MindManager's project planning capabilities just got more powerful so you'll never miss another deadline. Increase focus on deadlines and dependencies using the new critical path view. Filter on the critical path to focus on the most important activities impacting your project timeline. MindManager will also highlight tasks for you when they're late, at risk or completed, saving you time and energy when you work your project plan.

More Visual
With over 700 topic images added to the Image Library, you can express your ideas and plans more powerfully, increasing retention and comprehension. All of MindManager's templates have been updated with new scalable images.

More Convenient
Quickly store, retrieve, and share MindManager files using simplified file management. Whether you're storing files on your desktop, accessing files in Microsoft SharePoint online or behind your firewall, or online with Box, MindManager 2017 for Windows provides a unified look and feel that makes it faster and simpler to work with and share your maps.

More Efficient
Simplify flowchart creation and increase process mapping efficiency using enhanced diagram tools. New tools include a fly-out topic shape selector and the ability to use right-angle relationship lines.


MindManager Uses



Use MindManager mind maps as a virtual whiteboard to generate better ideas and easily capture everyone's best thinking. Brainstorming sessions are more productive because you can focus on gathering great ideas, and just drag-and-drop to create an organised plan.

Meeting Management

Meeting Management

Run more productive meetings where participants are engaged and prepared with easy-to-follow mind maps. When you plan meetings with mind maps, everyone comes in with all the documents and information they need, and they leave ready to take action.

Project management

Project Management

Gain clarity on requirements, resources and schedules with less miscommunication. This helps you keep teams in alignment on the decisions and tradeoffs that determine if a project will meet goals and deadlines.

Business planning


Improve communication and promote collaboration with visual mind maps that allow in-depth analysis of strategic plans, business cases, and sales account plans. Brainstorm, analyze, communicate and collaborate with MindManager's mind maps, timelines and workflow diagrams.

Event planning


With MindManager you can create clear and complete event plans that capture every detail in a single view. Built-in map templates help you quickly lay out the essential elements of your event plan.

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

MindManager Enterprise enables company-wide sharing of MindManager mind maps via SharePoint. Improve communication and collaboration using MindManager's visual format. It includes the most current versions of MindManager software, MindManager 2017 for Windows, along with patented data integration features and MindManager 10 for Mac. MindManager Enterprise customers are eligible for special software licensing and service programs.



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