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Note: while every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of these prices, they do sometimes go out of date due to a supplier not notifying us of a price change or when the currency exchange rate changes. Please check all prices by telephoning 1300 553 313!

* Prices include GST

Price Qty
Flasher PRO (for ARM, Renesas RX and Freescale PowerPC) $1490  inc GST
Flasher ST7 $1115  inc GST
Flasher 5 $950  inc GST
Flasher 5 PRO (for Renesas M16C/62, M16C/80, M32C, M79, R32C, R8C) $950  inc GST
Flasher ARM $1095  inc GST
Flasher STM8 $975  inc GST
Flasher STM8-SDK (Developer pack DLL for Flasher STM8)(software) $820  inc GST
Flasher PPC $1125  inc GST
Flasher RX $1125  inc GST
Flasher Portable PLUS $1125  inc GST
Flasher PRO $1465  inc GST
Flasher Secure $1795  inc GST
J-Link Related
Price Qty
J-Link BASE (inc hardware) $635  inc GST
J-Link BASE Compact (inc hardware) $635  inc GST
J-Link PRO (inc hardware) $1435  inc GST
J-Trace for Cortex-M (inc hardware) $1775  inc GST
J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M (inc hardware) $2480  inc GST
J-Link ARM - Adapters (inc hardware) CALL
J-Flash (software only, download) $495  inc GST
J-Link ARM RDI/RDDI (software only, download) $365  inc GST
J-Link Unlimited Flash Breakpoints (software only, download) $365  inc GST
J-Link SDK (developer pack for J-Link) (software only, download) $1320  inc GST
J-Link OB Starter Kit (Starter Kit for the development of eval boards using J-Link OB) $1620  inc GST
J-Link OB, On-board Emulators for ARM Targets CALL
J-Link OB, On-board Emulators for Renesas RX Targets CALL
J-Link PLUS $970  inc GST
J-Link PLUS Compact $970  inc GST
J-Link Pro Software Bundle (software only, download) $855  inc GST
J-Link ARM DFPU - Dedicated Flash Programming Utilities (software only, download) CALL
J-Link Ultra+ (inc hardware) $1115  inc GST
J-Link EDU (J-Link for educational use) CALL
Other SEGGER Products
Price Qty
SEGGER Embedded Studio (Cortex-M Edition) $1780  inc GST
SEGGER Embedded Studio (ARM Edition) $2670  inc GST
SEGGER Embedded Studio PRO (Cortex-M Edition) CALL
Flasher Secure Starter Kit CALL
emWin CALL
emFile CALL
emLoad CALL
Starter Boards CALL
emSecure CALL
emCrypt CALL
emPack CALL
emCompress CALL
emLib CALL
emModbus CALL

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